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275x250.jpg For many people the idea of going to sleep in a room full of clowns would be the stuff of nightmares, but not Ortrud Kastaun.

That's because the 61-year-old from Germany has just been recognised by Guinness World Records for having the largest collection of clowns.
Ortrud, known to her friends as ‘Orty’, has been collecting model clowns for over 15 years, and in that time amassed 2,053 different models. 

The collection is so large Ortrud had to move to a larger flat to and even set up her own museum at her home in Essen, Germany. 

An 11-year-old young lad from India has roller-skated his way into the Guinness Book of World Records… and under 20 cars.

Rohan Ajit Kokane set a new roller-skating limbo record by passing under a series of cars while on his wheels -- and decked out in green lycra and sweatbands.

After building up speed, Rohan did the splits -- so he was travelling while close the ground -- and whizzed through the 35cm tall gap under the parked vehicles.

It took 30 seconds for him to come to a standstill and having travelled 126ft 11in adjudicators said he'd broken the previous limbo record by more than 26ft… even if it wasn't a limbo as we know it.

357 bikini-wearing women have parades along Surfers Paradise on Australia's Gold Coast -- to set a new world record.

The impressive sight scooped the women the obviously prestigious record for the 'world's longest bikini parade' beating the previous record of 332.

While 361 girls had walked through the counter and past lucky Guinness World Record adjudicator Chris Sheedy, four were disqualified for not wearing bikinis.

It's not clear whether the women were disqualified for wearing too much or too little… but in the interests of quality journalism we will spend the day reviewing the video evidence.

275x250.jpg Most couples only exchange their wedding vows once, but not Lauren and David Blair -- their just set the world record for doing it 100 times.

The loved-up couple from Tennessee are now featured in the Guinness World Records for 'Most Marriage Vow Renewals by the Same Couple'.

After meeting in 1982, the pair first married in 1982. Since then they've
renewed their vows a further  99 times, each ceremony taking place in a different location.

Asked why they continuously renew their vows, Lauren says: "I love to look into David’s eyes. I know that this man will love me until the day I die… of course, David will tell you that he does it for the honeymoons!"

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