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275x250.jpgMillions of men are still suffering the after effects of the recession - in the form of hair loss, it has been revealed.

The turmoil and anxiety of the biggest economic slowdown in modern history has left a large percentage of the male population with less hair than they had three years ago.

The phenomenon emerged in the wake of pictures showing premier David Cameron with a newly-developed barren patch on his crown less than three months after he secured power.

And now it's claimed there's been an 89 percent jump in the number of men seeking treatment for hair loss in the UK since the start of the recession.

So what do you think of the financially-challenged also being follicly-challenged. Is it hair-larious… or just a load of old bald-erdash?

275x250.jpgSocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter are costing the UK economy £14 billion per year in lost work time, it has been claimed.

Research has shown half of British workers accesses social media sites while at work -- with a third of those (roughly six million) spending more than 30 minutes doing so.

And a cheeky two million people claim they spend over an hour per day at work logging onto sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

In total all this 'lost time' means UK businesses are shelling out £14 billion for us to sit at the office chatting with friends online.

So, how long do you spend Facebooking while at work? Let us know... especially if you saw this story on Facebook or Twitter while you should have been doing something more productive.

275x250.jpgBy shopping online tech-savvy families have each saved £27,024 since the millennium, it has been claimed.

A study of 3,000 online shoppers found they each spend £2,702.42 less per year on purchases than if they'd shopped on the high street.

The biggest saving is being made on the weekly food shop - which has gone down from £71.22 spent in-store - to a reasonable £48.98 online.

With savings from buying holidays, insurance, clothes and electricals online, canny shoppers are claimed to have saved £27,024 over the last decade.

However, while there's now doubt huge saving can be made shopping online, we're not sure you'd have had too muck luck doing it all online in 2001.

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