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275x250.jpgAlthough many women claim to find them naff, researchers have found almost two thirds actually like it when a guy uses a cheesy chat-up line on them.

Almost four-in-ten women have gone out with a man who approached them using a cheesy line, with one-in-ten even going on to have a long-term relationship with them.
The survey also revealed 59 per cent of women think a man using a chat-up line shows he has a great sense of humour, with another 58 per cent saying it shows he is confident also.
Surprisingly one-in-twenty women even reckon they'd be MORE likely to go out with a guy if they came out with a chat-up line to impress them.
However, they did also say this likelihood would increase significantly if he also happened to be rich and good-looking.

275x250.jpgCity bosses in Venice say they have granted a female gondolier with a full licence for the first time.

Giorgia Boscolo had to pass a year-long series of tests for her right to join the men in the gondoliers' guild and row tourists around the lagoon city.

The 24-year-old - whose father was also a gondolier - now joins the 424 men who are also qualified to navigate the narrow canals.

However, at the moment the mother-of-two is only allowed to fill in for one of the guys if he wants to take the day off.

And given they are allowed to charge £30 for each 20 minutes in the 11-metre long, black craft… it's probably not that often.

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of British employees, both male and female, say they would rather work for a man than a woman, it has been found.

That's because female bosses were accused of being bitchy, hormonal and incapable of leaving their personal lives at home.

A third of 3,000 employees polled claimed women in charge are 'loose cannons' - ready to stab colleagues in the back at any time, and who constantly feel threatened by other people in positions of authority.

By contrast, both male and female workers believe male bosses were less likely to get involved in office politics, were easier to reason with and rarely suffered from mood swings.

Men were also said to be more straight-talking than women… and probably easier to distract from the fact you're not working, with either a chat about football or a flash of cleavage.

275x250.jpg A group of dedicated drinkers have spent the last 26 years on a massive pub crawl which has seen them visit 15,000 boozers and drink 92,000 pints.

The four beer lovers have spent thousands of pounds and travelled 250,000 miles to every corner of the country during their epic beer quest.

Peter Hill, 54, John Drew, 46, Gary Mountain, 52 and Joe Hill, 79 set off in 1984 after getting bored of always drinking in the same pub, the Old Crown pub in West Bromwich.

They initially had a list of 'just' 300 pubs to visit, but this soon grew and the group kept finding new places to have a pint… now it's a surprise they can remember where they started.

275x250.jpgMillions of men are still suffering the after effects of the recession - in the form of hair loss, it has been revealed.

The turmoil and anxiety of the biggest economic slowdown in modern history has left a large percentage of the male population with less hair than they had three years ago.

The phenomenon emerged in the wake of pictures showing premier David Cameron with a newly-developed barren patch on his crown less than three months after he secured power.

And now it's claimed there's been an 89 percent jump in the number of men seeking treatment for hair loss in the UK since the start of the recession.

So what do you think of the financially-challenged also being follicly-challenged. Is it hair-larious… or just a load of old bald-erdash?

275x250.jpg60 percent of British couples always have sex in the missionary position, and the average sex session lasts just 24 minutes, it has been found.

A sex survey of 3,000 people has revealed the 'ins and outs' of sex in the UK  by asking couples intimate questions about their love-making.

It was said that most couples try out just three positions during the average sex session - but end up with the standard 'man on top'.

Two thirds of couples also admitted the 'doggy style' method of love making is their second favourite, followed by 'woman on top' with 57 percent.

The study also revealed the average sex sessions lasts a speedy 24 minutes… and worryingly, yes, that includes foreplay.

275x250.jpg Simply wearing the colour red makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, it has been found by researchers.

Psychologists conducted tests by getting women to rate the attractiveness of a variety of men and state their willingness to date, kiss, and engage sexual activity with them.

They then digitally altered the colour of the T-shirts the men were wearing and compared the responses, finding men in red were consistently scored as being more attractive.

Those who have been wearing red were seen as more "powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable" said professor Andrew Elliot… who only wears red from now on.

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