What else do theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Louie Spence have in common?  

Unsuspecting rail travelers at Antwerp Central station in Belgium were recently challenged to spend a minute as James Bond in a bid to win exclusive tickets for the movie SKYFALL.

After using a Coke Zero machine in the station, travelers were asked via a touchscreen if they wanted to win exclusive tickets to SKYFALL.

Once they had entered their name they were then told they had 70 seconds to get to platform 6. It shouldn't have been too difficult, but organisers had made it harder by introducing obstacles which needed navigating.

As the Bond theme was plays the would-be Bonds had to make their way past men carrying sheets of glass, fruit-stalls falling over, joggers, dogs, and an attractive woman who wanted to stop them

275x250.jpg Visitors to London’s famous Smithfields Meat Market may have got a shock recently, after spotting a butchers which appeared to be selling edible human limbs including hands and feet packaged like cuts of meat.

But Wesker & Son was actually the creation of food artist Sharon Baker who had been commissioned to help promote the launch of computer game Resident Evil 6 and no real human flesh was on sale.

To create the odd cuts, Sharon used Prosciutto and sausage meat to create the effect of internal flesh. For the terrine-based limbs, Sharon has created a delicious pate of chicken and pork mince mixed with cranberries and pistachio.

Sharon created a number of moulds using her own body – hands, feet and arms to form the limbs … which must make looking at this even weirder for her than it is for us.

275x250.jpg The world's first high-street shop where customers pay by Tweet instead of money has opened in central London dubbed "The Tweet Shop."

At the standalone retail outlet from Special K, customers are encouraged to put away their money and pay for Cracker Crisps by simply Tweeting a message about the snack.

The shop is staffed by a number of Special K girls in iconic red dresses who will check each customer's Tweet before handing over the crisps.

Kim Murray, 28 from London, was the first person to pay for the product with a Tweet at the Soho's Meard Street store. The shop is open from 9am to 5pm until Friday 28th September.

275x250.jpg A London taxi has been kitted out with microphones to record its surrounding noise and then convert it into music which is played out via 67 speakers built into the car body as it drives.

Dubbed "Sound Taxi" the work is the creation of London-based sound artist Yuri Suzuki who was working with headphone developer AiAiAi.

As such, passengers in the Sound Taxi can also tune-in to the converted sounds via headphones installed inside of the vehicle … in case they can't already hear it from the Indian horns mounted on top of the taxi’s roof. 

275x250.jpg At first glance this might look like an ordinary urban scene, but look a little closer and you'll see someone hiding among the fruit and veg having had their body painted in urban camouflage.

Artist Carolyn Roper had been hired by TV channel Really to help hide people in a bid to promote their show Covert Affairs.

The expertly painted people included a woman lying on a fruit and vegetable stand on Portobello Road, another sitting on a west London bus, and one standing in front of a black cab.

We'd like to say that commuters and onlookers were shocked … but we're not entirely sure how many even noticed.

275x250.jpg The humble roast dinner has topped the poll as Britain’s most nostalgic meal, a study has revealed.

More than half of 2,000 people polled said a roast with all the trimmings was most likely to evoke memories of the taste and sounds of a Sunday lunch, surrounded by their family as a youngster.

Runner up was Shepherd’s Pie, with rice pudding, egg and chips and bangers and mash closely following. Angel Delight came sixth, while beef stew and dumplings filled seventh.

Toad-in-the-hole came in at eighth while cheese on toast and beans on toast completed the top ten.

Researchers also found that 44% said a meal was most likely to remind them of their childhood simply because it was their favourite dish growing up.

Some computer games are best enjoyed in multi-player with friends, but we're glad this isn't one of them. Meet GuitarPee … a urinal-based version of games like Guitar Hero.

Guitar Pee is the creation of Billboard Brasil who went to the effort of converting a urinal into a working instrument before sending it on a tour of bars in São Paulo where they hoped to find.

Drinkers were then encouraged to play/pee the best riffs they could and become a 'Urination Hero'. Users could even log onto a website to listen back to their tune.

This video shows the faces (it's okay, just the faces) of some of the full bladdered would-be musicians doing their things … we just hope no-one rocked out too much and got the floor wet.

275x250.jpg Many city cyclists struggle to get themselves noticed as they do battle with cars, buses and lorries. But not any more, meet the Hornster ... a bicycle equipped with a horn that is louder than Concorde.

At close quarters the Hornster bicycle emits 178 decibels; a level of sound so powerful that if used in anger it could deafen any motorist who veered too close.
The Hornster bicycle was developed by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) to highlight the dangers that cyclists face on city roads. Trucks are involved in over half of cyclist fatalities that occur in London.

The triple air horn fitted to the bicycle is an Airchime KH3A from an American locomotive, which has been adapted to run off a scuba diving cylinder. 

275x250.jpg Eating competition normally include things like hot dogs or burgers, but a competitive eater in Russia has just won the world's first caviar speed eating contest.

49-year-old Alexander Lavrov munched his way through £3,000 worth of luxury black caviar in just 86 seconds and was the first person to finish their 500 grams of the delicacy.

His prize for munching his way through the expensive fish eggs, 10,000 rubles (£215) -- and even more caviar to take home.

The promotional event was held by a Moscow restaurant called Apartment which is said to have spent two million rubles on the contest.

275x250.jpg Taking inspiration from Willy Wonka, Heston Blumenthal and Damien Hirst the people charged with advertising Jaffa Cakes have created a lick-able lift.

The elevator in a London office block on Great Portland Street was covered with artwork featuring 1,325 lick-able Jaffa Cakes on the walls to give city workers a treat.

The bizarre campaign took food technicians and artists four weeks to plan and is said to have been enjoyed by the 800 staff who work in the building.

Philippa Tilley from McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, said: "We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life and this was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed out office workers. 

Machines might not be capable of emotions (yet) but that doesn't mean they don't like hug -- this one will even give you a free Coke for a wide-armed squeeze.

The hug for Coke vending machines have been installed across Singapore as part of an 'Open Happiness' campaign.

They feature the words "Hug Me" on the front in the traditional Coca Cola font and when a user squeezes them from both sides they spring into action, delivering an -cold Coca-cola can.

A spokesperson for the stunt said: "The Coca-Cola Hug Machine is a simple idea to spread some happiness. Our strategy is to deliver doses of happiness in an unexpected."

275x250.jpg If you are anything like us, being chased around an abandoned shopping centre by an army of zombies might not sound like your ideal way of spending an afternoon.

But following on from a 'Zombie Boot Camp' which taught zombie-survival skills, it's the latest zombie experience day which has just launched in the UK.

'Zombie Shopping Mall' takes place in a disused and condemned Reading shopping mall where participants shoot zombies in a series of video game-style missions.
Participants are put through an intense training regime with a police firearms squad before trying their luck with the undead.

275x250.jpg A theme park has hired an real-life Inuit family to help them test a new 4-D cinema which will be showing Ice Age The 4D Experience.

Bosses at Alton Towers decided that the only way to test their screen (which will feature icy conditions) was to fly in a family from Nunavut, located in northern Canada, to test the effects.

So the Inuit family -- who spent the winter months in sub-zero temperatures of up to -30°C -- made the 96-hour trip to Staffordshire to watch the 3D footage which is brought to life with a variety of special effects designed to chill the audience.

Katherine Duckworth from Alton Towers Resort commented, “We’re thrilled the Inuit family has agreed to trial the new attraction for us. 

275x250.jpg The Uffington White Horse is a prehistoric hill figure said to date back some 3,000 years, the jockey on his back… that's an altogether more modern marketing stunt.

Sightseers to the Oxfordshire hill carving, were this morning were left gobsmacked when they noticed monument had mysteriously acquired a jockey!

Mischievous betting firm Paddy Power had added the lightweight canvas rider to celebrate next week’s Cheltenham Festival.

The covert installation took place over a six hour period under the cover of darkness on Wednesday night and Thursday morning just days ahead of this year’s Cheltenham Festival.

275x250.jpg Visitors to a shopping centre in London got a fright yesterday, when the doors to a lift opened and they were confronted with a collapsed floor and gaping lift shaft.

Luckily however, the shocked shoppers were never really in danger -- an artist had been hired to create the 3D illusion to promote the launch of a new ride at a theme park.

Bosses from Alton Towers had set-up the stunt to test the nerves of the public and see how they responded… and to plug their Nemesis Sub-Terra ride which opens on March 24.

One shopper said: "A deep, dark lift shaft is not what you expect to see on your average trip to the shops! It gave me a bit of a fright, but I quickly realised the joke was on me! I then had a laugh watching other people’s reactions a they walked past."

The Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France contains artworks by the likes of Monet, Renoir, Gauguin and Van Gogh… but you'd be forgiven for not noticing them in this video.

That's because this video shows the moment fashion chain Etam pulled a marketing stunt by sending lingerie-clad women there to parade around.

Footage shows the women drop their coats in the middle of the busy gallery and then run towards the exit as bemused art-lovers watch on.

And while one or two men seem to have enjoyed the impromptu striptease, Musee d'Orsay less so -- their lawyers are making a formal complaint to Etam.

While we don't like to be impressed by adverts, sometimes we can't help it. And given our fondness for funny CCTV footage this was always going to be one of those times.

Now we don't want to spoil it too much for you, but the plot of the viral LG advert is that a smart crook almost pulls of an amazing theft from an electronics store.

So far more than 1.5 million people have watched his daring crime on Youtube and most have been impressed, if not by the crime but by the advert.

275x250.jpg Movie bosses at Warner Bros have come up with a interesting way to market the Steven Soderberdh film Contagian -- a living bacteria-based billboard advert.

The 'viral marketing' seems an apt fit for the film which follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days, though is still decidedly gross.

Scientists were recruited to create the two specially made Petri dishes and a range of specially grown coloured bacteria which was installed in an abandoned shop window in Toronto.

Over a period of five days mouldy movie advert -- made from bacteria including penicillin, mould and pigmented bacteria -- then grew into the bizarre billboard.

275x250.jpg More than 14,000 sun worshippers hoping to get a have have tried to order a new "miracle" tanning cream -- without realising it's a spoof from a skin cancer charity.

The tan-seekers were apparently convinced by the Sunny-3 website which claimed the cream could "triple the power of the sun".

It was also said that using Sunny 3 meant people could sunbath at night and there was even a fake news report about "night tanning" parties on light summer evenings.

And in the week the site has been live, 250,000 people have seen it and 14,000 have tried to order the £7.99 cream. However, rather than a tan they instead receive an email warning them about skin cancer.

275x250.jpg Given how many times boffins have attempted to calculate the formula behind the perfect cup of tea, you'd think they'd already cured cancer.

And now they're at it again with a team from the University of Northumbria this time claiming to have unlocked the secrets of the perfect cuppa.

After 180 hours of research and 285 cups of tea, the boffins say they deduced tea is best drunk six minutes after two minutes of brewing and adding 10ml of milk.

However, we realised the study was rubbish (or that we were tea snobs) after reading that they said a teabag should be used, rather than loose tea.

275x250.jpg After discovering that many Brits would jump at the chance of sleeping with a celebrity, a hotel is giving them the chance to do just that, sort of.

Alton Towers Resort is offering guests pillows with the faces of Cheryl Cole or David Beckham printed on them after the duo topped a poll of fantasy celeb bedfellows.

Cheryl Cole topped the list of female celebs people wanted to sleep with with a massive 71% of the vote while David was the first choice British male with 36%.

Holly Willoughby (14%) and Kate Middleton (9%) took second and third place, while Bruce Forsyth (12%) and Prince William (8%) took the honours in their respective poll. Yes, that did say Bruce Forsyth came second. We don't know.

When you think about adverts selling houses, it's probably dubious estate agent clichés like "delightfully bijou" and misleading photos, which spring to mind.

Well that's all about to change the moment you click play on this video and witness the way an Australian firm markets houses, complete with a lingerie model and armed commandos.

Estate agents NEO Property say they prefer to sell houses by creating viral adverts which feature gratuitously sexy close-ups of breasts and action shots… oh yeah, and the house.

This particular one shows a woman being held hostage wearing just her underwear and phoning for help and then describing the house as armed commandos are dispatched to save her. Foxtons it is not.

275x250.jpgA German brewery has started touting its no-alcohol beer as the latest sports drink for athletes claiming it has "regenerative benefits".

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is now being given out at the finish line of sporting events - like the World Cup biathlons - and sports stars are even being signed up to help promote it.

Brewery bosses say the no-alcohol beer is "a very healthy product" and that being isotonic and vitamin-rich makes it an effectine drink to sip on post exercise.

However, unlike traditional sports drinks, it's served with a frothy head and is a familiar golden colour -- not in a squeezey bottle.

While we certainly think this is a step up from most isotonic drinks, we've always been partial to a glass of Rochefort 10 after working up a sweat.

275x250.jpgYes he's a fictional character used to sell car insurance, but that doesn't look like it will stop Aleksandr Orlov’s new ‘autobiography’ from becoming a best seller.

A book telling the 'life story' of the world's most famous meerkat looks set to become a hit after making it into Amazon's Top 100 pre-orders.

As a result the £9.99 publication is nows being tipped to become a Christmas best-seller with some book experts saying it could perform better than ones by Tony Blair or Jamie Oliver.

The blurb says the book tells the "full story of his ancestor's Journey of Courageousness from the Kalahari to Russia, the low-down on his life as entrepreneur and founder of comparethemeerkat.com and his love of grubs and cravats."

Sounds riveting, if you like reading about characters created by advertising men… personally we're holding out for the memoirs of the GoCompare opera singer.

275x250.jpgA slide has been installed in place of stairs at a Berlin subway to give fun-loving commuters a 'fast lane' to their train.

Unfortunately this isn't new German public transport policy but a marketing stunt by Volkswagen.

Their "Fun Theory" team set up the giant red slide next to the escalators inside Alexanderplatz station - much to the confusion of bemused travellers.

They then stood back and watched to see how many people chose to use it rather than the traditional stairs of escalator.

Volkswagen say the scheme shows how people will voluntarily change their behaviour for the better if offered a fun way of doing it. Admit it, you would too.

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