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When a Kentucky prisoner broke out of his cell and tried to escape police custody, he picked the wrong door … because he ended up in a packed courtroom.

The man had been put in a holding cell after his hearing at Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville, but when cops tried to remove another prisoner from the same cell, he decided to make a break for it.

He charges the door and pushed his way past a deputy sheriff before bursting through a door which he hoped would lead him to freedom.

Instead he ended up a courtroom that was in-session (and filled with CCTV cameras) where he was promptly tackled by court bailiffs, and it appears one attorney.

400,000 toothpicks stolen in Georgia

275x250.jpg It might not be up there with gold bullion or wads or cash, but police in Georgia are currently hunting crooks who made off with 400,000 toothpicks.

The bizarre swag, said to be worth $3,000, was swiped direct from an Athens manufacturer and as there were no signs of forced entry, it's thought it could be an inside job.

Bosses at Armond’s Manufacturing Company say that six cases - each containing 288 packages of 100 toothpicks - were initially taken, with another seven cases being swiped more recently. 

275x250.jpg An kinky crook in Brazil has reportedly stolen an 18-carat gold-plated vibrator worth £2,500 from a luxury sex shop.

The armed thief is said to have tied up a clerk at the Erotica Luxo store in Brasilia before taking the golden vibrator and getting off, erm we mean leaving.

But the crook could struggle to get too much pleasure from the crime, because the stainless steel core will make it hard to remove the gold plating … assuming that's what he wanted.

Also he failed to take the charger for the Swedish-made vibrator. Speaking to media store owner Vanessa Baldini said: "I really don't know what he'll do. I'll leave it up to his imagination."

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