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275x250.jpg An Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball has been sold at auction for £2.6 million.

The iconic silver car is the sole remaining '007' DB5 and came complete with front-mounted machine guns, a bullet-proof shield and revolving number plates.

All the gadgets are in working order… though the machine-guns were never able to fire bullets and the ejector seat was only ever a special effect.

But this didn't stop two bidders from gunning for it at an RM Auctions event in London… though with just two bids and over in less than 10 minutes it was less exciting than a Roger Moore chase scene.

275x250.jpgJack has been replaced by Oliver as the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales -- after fourteen years at the top.

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics also show that Olivia was the most popular name for girls born in 2009.

There were no new entries in the top ten for either boys’ or girls’ names compared with 2008, although there were regional variations in names’ popularity.

Other common names included Harry, Alfie and Joshua, for boys, while Ruby, Chloe and Emily, were popular for girls

There were 706,248 births recorded 2009, with 26,800 different boys’ names and 34,100 different girls’ names registered… which means some must be more interesting than Jack.

275x250.jpg Today is a sad day for fans of psychic cephalopods -- Paul, the World Cup predicting oracle octopus, has died in his tank at an aquarium in Germany.

Paul shot to fame during the World Cup when he correctly predicted the winners of eight matches by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thought would be victorious.

As a result of his 100% record all the way to the final, the eight-legged mystic mollusc became a hit with the media and there was even talk about a Hollywood movie being made about him.

But this morning staff at Sea Life Oberhausen say they were "devastated" to discover Paul had passed away overnight… no-one could have predicted it. Except for Paul.

275x250.jpg A US weatherman has been left red-faced after realising the storms he was warning TV viewers about appeared on his map as a giant penis.

The blooper was broadcast on KLST in Texas as meteorologist Nick Kraynok told people about incoming thunderstorms hitting the region.

What he didn't realise at the time -- or if he did, he managed to keep a straight face -- was the 'suggestive' phallic weather graphic he was waving his hands over.

However a video of the forecast has become a hit on YouTube where one commenter said: "Don't worry, the whole thing shrinks down when that cold weather hits it."

275x250.jpg X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole has come face-to-face with her life-size waxwork after it was revealed at Madame Tussauds in London.

The normally outspoken 27-year-old Geordie even says she was so impressed by the £150,000 wax double - wearing a long red Jean-Paul Gaultier dress - when she first saw it, she was lost for words.

However, the sculptors themselves were less impressed. At the public unveiling they realised Cheryl had a new tattoo on her upper thigh, which she'd failed to tell them about.

While the tattoo would currently be covered, Madame Tussauds say they plan to add it for when wax Cheryl is put into a shorter skirt… though we suspect their artists are just using this as an excuse to get a closer look.

275x250.jpg Kapow! The famous Batman logo has been found painted on the roof of a United States Air Force military base in Japan.

The massive logo was spotted in Okinawa using Google Maps and measures around 30m wide by 15m tall, appearing on the top of a building surrounded by F-22 Raptor.

Some have speculated the Batman logo suggests the US military is working with the comic book superhero on some sort of high-tech new weapon.

Unfortunately we think it's more likely to be because Kadena Air Base is used by the 44th Fighter Squadron… commonly known as 'The Bats'. 

A Finnish newsreader has been sacked after he was caught drinking beer on live TV -- during a report about alcohol licensing laws.

As producers cut back to the studio camera from footage about Finland's alcohol licensing laws, host Kimmo Wilska was seen swigging from a bottle of beer.

After the footage was aired, his bosses were apparently quick to sack the boozy news reader, but he insists it was just a joke.

Kimmo claims he was pretending to drink from the bottle as a joke for colleagues in the studio and had not intended for it to be broadcast.

Fans of the news anchor have now started a Facebook campaign to get him his job back which 23,000 people have already joined… many of who think the news should be presented by a drink host anyway.

275x250.jpg A Dutch man has interrupted a current affairs talk-show on live TV...  by asking the hosts where the toilets were.

Student Barry Creemer shocked producers of the 'Pauw en Witteman' show when he stood up from his seat in the audience and walked in front of the cameras.

But it was when he then proceeded to ask the presenters of the show where the nearest toilets were, that really left them flabbergasted.

While the hosts calmly answered and pointed him in the right direction, their discussion soon descended into a round-table giggle-fest and they look like they might wet themselves laughing.

275x250.jpg X Factor boss Simon Cowell has officially changed his name from 'Simon Phillip Cowell' to 'Lightning Cowell'… but only for 24 hours.

Cowell had been annoyed at having to call X-Factor contestant Storm Lee by his legal name, and joked with fellow judges about changing his moniker to  "Lightning".

Unbeknown to him, Cheryl Cole contacted the UK Deed Poll Service and had the paperwork drawn up for Simon to legally change his name, which he was presented with live on ITV2's Xtra Factor.

After a few moments thought, Simon agreed to make the change for 24 hours by signing the contract in front of named witness Cheryl Cole… but only if he was allowed to hold the contract.

Hollywood movie star Johnny Depp shocked pupils at a London school by making an impromptu visit as his alter-ego Captain Jack Sparrow.

Taking a break from filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Depp  was responding to a letter sent by a pupil at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich.

The 47-year-old said nine-year-old Beatrice Delap had written asking him to lead a mutiny against her teachers -- and he was only too happy to oblige.

Along with other members of the cast dressed in full costume, the actor walked into a specially called assembly to address the children.

He suggested that if he were to take over the school, they could all eat sweets until their teeth fell out… he must have forgotten he was already in England.

275x250.jpg He is inextricably linked to the phrase "You're fired" -- but Lord Alan Sugar is far more likely to utter the words 'team' 'good' or 'leader' it's been found.

During of the current sixth series of The Apprentice, a website will be transcribing every word the diminutive businessman says, to discover his most common words.

They will then publish a word cloud of the words he uses most after each episode of the hit BBC1 reality TV show.

Bosses at MyJobGroup.co.uk say this will allow would-be Lord Sugars to model themselves on the business supremo by copying his lingo. They haven't said if you need to attempt the accent too.

275x250.jpg Barack Obama was left red-faced when the presidential seal fell off his lectern as delivered a speech in Washington.

Obama was mid-speech as he addressed the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit when there was a large clunking sound.

Leaning forward over the top of his lectern he said: "Oops. Was that my err… " before shrugging his shoulders.

Dismissing the prop failure the president then added, "It's alright. All of you know who I am." He has a point.

The Bolivian president has been caught on camera kneeing a political rival in the groin during a 'friendly' football match which was on TV.

Evo Morales had been taking part in the game against a group of political rivals to raise money for charity.

But the match quickly turned nasty and after being riled by a tough tackle to one of his team-mates, the President stepped in.

And by "stepped in" we mean kneed his victim, Daniel Gustavo Cartagenam, in the groin, sending him falling to the floor. All in front of TV cameras.

The foul-tastic game ended 4-4 and two players from each side were sent off -- making the match the only thing dirtier than politics itself.

When a US congressman took his grandson to the House of Representatives, he probably expected the lad to be fascinated by watching his granddad speak.

Not everything went to plan. As this C-SPAN video shows the young boy wasn't quite as engaged as Ted Poe would have liked… in fact, he fell asleep.

Reports state the representative for Texas and former judge had taken his grandson on the floor to hear him speak about domestic violence.

But by the time it was his turn to stand, the boy was already dozing off and as he speaks his eyes can be seen slowly closing before his head falls to one side.

We think someone will be double checking theme-parks and ice cream are on offer next time granddad says "Do you want to do something fun today?"

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