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275x250.jpgA car which also doubles as a plane will go into production after getting a classification exemption from the FAA.

The Terrafugia Transition 'flying car' will now be classified as a "light sport aircraft" despite being heavier than is normally allowed.

Makers claimed they would not be able to fit safety features, like airbags and crumple zones while adhering to the normal weight limit.

The plane/car runs on unleaded fuel, can cover up to 450 miles on each tank, and when not flying drivers can fold up the wings and go on normal roads.

Because of the FAA exemption they will also only need 20 hours flying time to get a light sport pilot’s permit… unfortunately they will still need £130,000.

275x250.jpgFormula One car designer Gordon Murray has revealed designs for a new eco-car - the T.25 City Car - which is even smaller than a Smart car.

He claims it had been designed specifically for use in the city with features like a small turning circle and a zero emissions engine.

The T.25 - which Murray says will be "a new British Icon for the 21st Century" - is also so small you could park three of them in a normal car park space.

But despite measuring only 1.3m wide it's expected to achieve a 4* Euro NCAP safety standard and reach 90mph.

It's also said the odd one door system means driver and passengers can get out when parked closely to other vehicles… unless they're tall.

275x250.jpgMotorists who drive black cars are significantly more likely to be involved in an accident, it has been found.

In fact, university researchers claim they are 47 percent more likely to be involved in a crash -- and that's after excluding commercial vehicles.

The team from Monash University in Australia claim it's all because of the visibility of the vehicles (or lack of) against the background of the road.

Other coloured cars which merged with the road and other traffic included grey, silver and blue ones - with these suffering even more accidents when it's dark.

The safest colour cars to drive are orange and white one… which explains people don't crashes into police cars more often.

275x250.jpg An artist has spent over six months and £10,000 creating a life-size but lightweight pedal-powered Porsche -- using plastic pipes, duct tape and kitchen foil.

Hannes Langeder says he wanted to recreate the super-car using everyday objects as a "socio-environmental statement" about sustainability and practicality.

There's a bicycle at the heart of the 'car' and the frame was built from plastic pipes and rolls of duct tape before being covered in foil to give a metallic finish. In total it weights just 99.6 kilograms.

The Ferdinand GT3 RS is legally seen as a bicycle, meaning it can be taken on Austrian roads… though other motorists might expect him to pull away from junctions a little faster.

275x250.jpg A car which does the equivalent of 300 miles per gallon and produces water instead of exhaust fumes is set to be trialled in Leicester.

Makers say that if all goes as expected in the 12-month test, they will start production of around 5,000 of the eco-friendly vehicles per year.

The Riversimple car is a two-seater which has a range of 240 miles on each tank of hydrogen and accelerates from 0-30mph in 5.5 seconds.

In tests, 30 of the cars will be made available for drivers in Leicester to rent… presumably the test being how many people point an laugh.

275x250.jpg A company has announced it is giving away free 233mph super-cars. The catch... you first have to by a £17million 122ft super-yacht.

The luxury yacht has four double state rooms, a reception area, and salon with 52" LED TVs. It can reach top speeds of 43 knots, though you'd never know it from the calm Art Deco interior.

Meanwhile, when you get back to dry land you can drive off in the 'free' matching supercar, which is powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine, can do 233mph and is be parked in the built in garage.

If you have the sort of money to splash out on a £17m toy you will have to act quick as only six are being produced… also, we don't suppose you want to buy an odd news website do you?

275x250.jpg An Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball is set to be sold -- for more than £5million.

The iconic silver car is the sole remaining original '007' DB5 and will come complete with the 'rather interesting modifications' made by Q.

These include front-mounted machine guns, a bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, oil slick sprayer, wheel-mounted tyre slashers and smoke screen.

All the gadgets are said to be in working order… though the machine-guns were never able to fire bullets and the ejector seat was only ever a special effect.

Police are investigating a group of holiday makers who were filmed inflating a rubber dinghy through the window of their car… as they drove.

As the car sped through the streets of Llangollen, North Wales, a passenger held a dinghy out of the window and started blowing.

Possibly over-eager to get to the beach, they then proceeded to inflate the blue dinghy as they traveled at 40mph - despite it nearly hitting several pedestrians.

A motorcyclist who was following the car filmed the shocking incident and uploaded the video to YouTube, where it was seen by cops.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said they could prosecute for dangerous driving… we think they were talking about the dinghy and not the biker with a camcorder.

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