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275x250.jpgChihuahuas are being airlifted out of California after celebrities like Paris Hilton caused an overpopulation of the tiny dogs.

Animal shelters in California say many people wanted to emulate Chihuahua-toting celebs but have become bored of their pets, causing an overpopulation.

But while west coast kennels are overflowing with the dogs demand is said to be outstripping supply in places like New York.

As a result dozens of the unwanted Chihuahuas are being shipped out by San Francisco Animal Care and Control so they can be adopted into loving new homes.

Yesterday some made the journey in a style befitting the celebs which inspired their former owners, flying with Virgin America… though they hardly needed the extra leg room.

275x250.jpgStaff at London Zoo have started their annual stock take, where they have to count every animal individually... last year their were 15,107.

While bosses at the zoo say they have a good idea of what animals they have, they claim the stock take is the only way to know exactly what is where.

As a result staff have the unenviable job of counting and logging them all, but with over 5,000 fish it is harder than it sounds.

There are more than 750 different species at the zoo including gorillas, squirrel monkeys and tigers -- as well as many smaller (and harder to count) critters.

Hopefully not too many of the animals are currently buried under the snow.

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