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Blind seal on show at zoo

(Quirky News) Visitors to Los Angeles Zoo can now see the latest attraction - but he can't see them.

Alfred, a harbour seal, was rescued off the coast of New Jersey in March 2007. He was blind, underweight and unable to capture fish to eat.

In October, when it was decided he was non-releasable, he was taken to the zoo where he has spent four months in quarantine and getting used to his new surroundings.

German Polar Bear becomes internet star

The Polar Bear cub who shot to fame after being taken from its mother amid concerns she could harm the youngster has become an internet star.

The city of Nuremburg, Germany, which owns the zoo, have had over 1.5 million visitors on a website they setup for the bear.

Thy have also been bombarded with over 25,000 emails and postcards with proposed names for the five-week-old ball of fluff.

* Photo Credit: Ralf Schedlbauer / City of Nuremberg

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