Rhino horn robbers strike in Norwich… yes we said Norwich!

275x250.jpg Norwich might not be the most likely location to find rhinos, but a gang of would-be rhino horn robbers recently struck there.

Police say the gang targeted the Norwich Castle Museum where they forced open a display case containing the head.

After failing to dislodge the horn -- which can sell for £50,000 per kilogram on the black market -- they tried to make off with the entire head.

However the heavy head slowed the four men and they were disturbed by museum staff who grabbed the rhino head and caused the men to flee.

A spokesperson for the museum said that as the robbers had paid to enter the museum and left empty-handed, they had done better of of the crime than the crooks.
A spokesperson for Norwich CID said: "At approximately 1pm, officers received a report of an attempted theft at the Castle Museum.  

"A group of four people paid to enter the premises at about 12.25pm and then left the scene empty handed about 40 minutes later, after being disturbed by a curator who grabbed from them the head of a rhino.

"The four were all described as wearing dark coloured clothing and are thought to have left the scene in a dark coloured hatchback vehicle."  

Norwich Police    
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