Artist creates sculpture from 20,000 ladybirds

An artist has created a life-size human sculpture from more than 20,000 artificial and hand painted ladybirds.

Gabor Fulop, from Bulgaria, started off by producing the tiny beetles from artificial resin and then individually painting them.

He then proceed the attach them together to create a model of the female form, called 'The Lady Bug' which he says resembles a goddess of nature.

Speaking to Newslite of his work Fulop said: "The focus of my interest is on living organisms, their relationship with each other and their environment.
"I realise my works through a particular re-interpretation of the traditional techniques of sculpture.

"The work Ladybug resembles a goddess of nature, a fusion of both human and animal organisms, that is both a unique being and a mass of creatures that took a human form."

Gabor Fulop   
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