WNWDW: Santa pulled man from burning car

275x250.jpg We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

A man dressed as Santa has save a driver's life after coming across a burning car while wearing his full festive costume. (ABC News)

Hancock became HanC**k and Arsenal became A***nal on a TV guide when an overzealous worker censored non-offensive TV titles. (The Sun)

Police in France are on the hunt for a man who has made a series of raids on bakeries in Paris suburbs to steal croissants. (Telegraph)

We're fans of the news blooper, and KTLA 5 they seem happy enough to embrace the gaffe -- like when an audio error meant viewer heard a host ordering a coffee. (YouTube)

A pair of crooks in Wisconsin accidentally called 911 during their getaway… by butt-dialling the cops as they sat down. (ABC News)

It's probably not the sort of birth she was hoping for, but a US woman has had a baby in a truck, during a snow storm. (HuffPost)

Frankincense could become a thing of the past after ecologists warned that trees producing the festive incense could soon be wiped out. (Telegraph)

vatican.xxx has been snapped up by an unknown buyer, meaning that the Pope could soon be left red-faced by pornographic content which looks like it could come from The Vatican. (Reuters)

Ever wondered why something you bought online doesn't work? YouTube might have the answer if this video of a FedEx guy throwing a computer monitor is anything to go by. (YouTube)

If you have a story you think should be included in the next WNWDW drop us an email to wnwdw(at)newslite.com
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