Thieves stole fake rhino horns from museum

275x250.jpgA team of bungling thieves who thought they'd successfully stolen £240,000 of rhino horns from a museum actually made off with worthless replicas.

The gang had smashed their way into the Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire before using hammers to remove horns from two stuffed animals, an Indian rhino and a white rhino.

They probably thought they'd swiped valuable ivory horns in the break-in -- during which nothing else was taken -- but police have now revealed all they got away with were fakes.

Faux rhino horns made out of resin and with no commercial value had been fitted to the stuffed animals after a series of rhino horn raids on auction rooms, galleries and private collections.

Real rhino horns, sought after because of a belief it can cure cancer, are worth more than diamonds, gold and cocaine… fake ones, not so much.
Paul Kitching, manager of the Natural History Museum in Tring, said 'We're deeply saddened by this pointless theft. The rhinoceros horns that have been stolen were replicas made out of resin, so they have no commercial value.

"We're now working with the Police and urge anyone with any pertinent information to get in touch."

Natural History Museum        
Hertfordshire Police          
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