Decorator turns council house into Sistine Chapel

275x250.jpgAt Newslite we are big fans of eccentrics, and they don't come much better than retired decorator Robert Burns.

That's because the 63-year-old has spent the last twelve years painstakingly turning his home into a bizarre tribute to the Sistine Chapel.

Almost every wall and ceiling in the 1960s Brighton council house are covered with replicas of 15th-century frescoes and paintings by Italian masters.

The self-taught artist says he was first inspired after visiting the Sistine Chapel and wanted to emulate the works himself.

Because he has no wall space left, Robert says he's now started to paint on canvas which will also be more practical when he moves house… imagine moving into his home.
Rather than using proper artistic materials, Robert uses emulsion from the DIY shop for his masterpieces.

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