London Marathon: The oddest world records set

275x250.jpgAnother London Marathon has come and gone, and while most runners wanted to achieve their best time, few would have thought they had a shot at a world record.

But that's where they were wrong. 35 new Guinness World Records were achieved at the 2011 Virgin London Marathon… in some pretty odd categories.

Runners this year set records such as the fastest marathon completed on crutches and the most Rubik’s cubes solved whilst running a marathon.

Other crazy records included the fastest marathon dressed as a superhero, the fastest marathon while carrying 60 lb pack and the money raised by a marathon runner.

So next year, we will not only be setting out to compete in the London Marathon, but also seeing if we can't become record holders in the process… is there a record for the fastest marathon quitter?
Fastest marathon records:
In superhero costume (male) - David Stone - 2h 42m 46s
Dressed as a cartoon character - Jon Morgan - 2h 46m 59s
In a nurse's uniform (male) - Kevin Harvey - 2h 52m 26s
Dressed as a book character (male)- David Ross - 3h 02m 30s
In an animal costume (male) - Martin Indge - 3h 04m 00s
In police uniform - Paul Swan - 3h 09m 52s
Dressed as a fairy (male) - David Hellard - 3h 10m 56s
Dressed as a jester - Alexander Scherz - 3h 11m 57s
Dressed as a Viking - Ben Afforselles -3h 12m 11s
Wearing a gas mask - Andy McMahon - 3h 12m 11s
Dressed as a fairy (female) - Emily Foran - 3h 20m 52s
Dressed as television character (male) - Simon Bryant - 3h 21m 22s
Dressed as a sailor - Subhashis Basu - 3h 24m 12s
In an animal costume (female) - Barbara Stcherbatcheff - 3h 42m 11s
Dressed as a gingerbread man - David Smith - 3h 42m 20s
Dressed as a lifeguard - David Bayley - 3h 44m 33s
Dressed as a fruit - Mike Barton - 3h 45m 42s
Dressed as an astronaut - Darren Cox - 3h 53m 21s
Dressed as a bottle (male) - Gavin Rees - 3h 53m 26s
Dressed as a nun - Ben Bradley - 4h 00m 28s
Carrying 40 lb pack - Lee Riley - 4h 01m 17s
Dressed as a Roman soldier - Les Slinn -4h 05m 34s
Dressed as a vegetable (female) - Julie Tapley - 4h 06m 17s
In a wedding dress - Eleanor Franks - 4h 11m 01s
Dressed as a Mr. Potato Head - Peter Barlow - 4h 17m 38s
Carrying 60 lb pack - Carl Creasey - 4h 50m 56s
Married couple - Jez Mancer (2:35:36) and Lucy Mancer (3:02:00) - 5h 37m 36s
Parent and child same sex - Kelvin Amos (3:12:04) and Shane Amos (2:51:03) 6h 03m 07s
Parent and child mixed - Richard Collinson (2:45:26) and Libby Collinson (3:36:39) 6h 22m 05s
Completed on crutches (one leg) - John Sandford Hart - 6h 24m 48s
Fastest marching band to complete a marathon - Led by Mike Lomas -7hr 55m

Most records:
Most marathons completed on crutches - John Sandford Hart - 6 marathons
Most money raised by a marathon runner - Steve Chalke - Total amount TBC but already over £1.8m
Most Rubik's Cubes solved running a marathon Uli Killian (Germany) 100 cubes in 4h 45m 43s
Most runners linked to complete a marathon Scope team 47 runners in a time of 7h 28m 43s
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