Mr Elastic stretches his way into the record books

275x250.jpgA man who can rotate his feet to the point that it looks like his legs are on backwards has seen his elastic abilities earn him a place in the record books.

Moses Lanham (aka Mr Elastic) recently gained world records by rotating his legs further than anyone else and being the fastest man to walk 20 metres with his feet turned backwards.

The 49-year-old from Michigan, says he first discovered his hyper flexibility in a PE class at school when he fell over and because of the position of his legs people assumed he was injured.

But he was fine and simply jumped back up… and then started showing off his new-found flexibility to anyone who would watch. Later going on to do a lot of charity work for Children.

Mr Elastic says he has "total flexability" in his lower limbs, but that his upper body is limited by more normal movement, which is probably a good thing... otherwise he could forget which way he is mean to face.
275x250.jpg Speaking to Newslite, Mr Elastic said: "When I meet new people, they are either so amazed they ask me over and over "Do it again!", or they either can not stomach it, and turn away as they ask me to "put your feet back, it's making me sick".

One of his special tricks involved putting his clothes on backwards so that it appears it's his head with is twisted around and not his feet. "I have had one person, so far, throw up when I had showed them," he added.

"When I was younger, I used my talent as a Class Clown and for Horse Play. Never took it serious. Now that I am older, I use my talent seriously, mostly to put a smile on peoples face and to make them laugh. I do a lot of charity work."

Mr Elastic     

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