Luxury nuclear apocalypse bunkers launched

275x250.jpg A US firm has started taking reservations from apocalypse scaredy-cats who want to book their place in a luxury nuclear bomb-proof bunker.

Those fearing an impending doomsday are said to be paying £35,000 each to guarantee a spot in one of 20 underground structures which are being built across America.

Bunker-makers Vivos claim each bunker will allow residents to survive for at least 12 months in the event of a pole shift, super volcano eruptions, asteroids, tsunamis or a nuclear attack.

Each of the bunkers features 'luxury' surroundings including a gym, atrium and living quarters with computers, kitchens and TVs… let's just hope they haven't only stocked up on post apocalyptic movies.
275x250.jpg The bunkers are due to be ready by 2012 in case Mayan predictions of an impending doomsday are correct and there will be a total of 4,000 places up for grabs.

A spokesperson for Vivos said: "The Vivos complexes will be deep underground, airtight, fully self-contained shelters designed to survive virtually any catastrophe.

"Each self contained shelter complex will comfortably accommodate a community of 172 - 200 people, in spacious quarters, for up to 1 year of autonomous survival to ride out the potential events."

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