Wine fountain installed at Hampton Court Palace

275x250.jpgA wine fountain, which will flow with red and white wine, has been installed at Hampton Court Palace in London.

The fully-working replica, just like those used by Henry VIII, will run with wine at weekends and bank holidays for visitors to raise a glass.

It was built after the remains of a similar 16th century fountain were discovered during an archaeological dig at the palace a couple of years ago.

The wine fountain measures 14ft tall and is made from timber, lead, bronze and gold leaf.

Historians say that in the 16th century it would have been common for wine to run through public fountains during festivals… and we think we have a binge drinking problem now. 
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Hampton Court Palace said: "We have re-created a Tudor wine fountain on the spot where Henry VIII's octagonal fountain stood in Base Court.

"Our fountain flows with water every day but has actually been engineered, like Henry’s own wine fountains, to serve real wine at weekends.

The wine fountain stands over 4m tall and has been made by traditional craftsmen using timber, lead, bronze and gold leaf.
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