Carstache: A moustache for the front of your car

275x250.jpg Ever wondered what your car would look like with facial hair? No, neither have we… until now

A San Francisco based company has started selling a range of 'carstaches' - moustaches which are designed to attach to the front of cars.

The 3ft long furry 'carstaches' currently sell online for around £30 each and attach to the grille of cars with a series of rubber coated wires.

Makers say almost any car can be improved with a brightly coloured tache… even if they do then look like they've come from the 70s.
275x250.jpg Ethan Eyler, 29, says he came up with the idea for the Carstache while on his daily commute. He imagined what cars would look like with moustache to keep himself entertained.

He then decided to make a prototype and took it out on the road, after seeing the response it got he knew there was a viable product there.

Launched earlier this week, he says demand is huge for the Carstache and that the orders are already flooding in, with many people buying them for friends.

"Driving around is the most fun part by far," he said. "To see the commotion that a carstache can create at a tailgate is so wonderful.

"Or even just driving down the street, random strangers tend to wave and smile and wink."

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