Japanese horror novel printed on toilet roll

200x190.jpgA Japanese author is having his latest novel printed entirely on rolls of toilet paper.

The book is the latest work from Koji Suzuki - the writer behind 'The Ring' - and tells the story of a ghost which hides in a public toilet.

At just nine short chapters the author says 'The Drop' can be read in a few minutes and is printed several times on each roll of toilet paper, each copy taking up just 90 cm.

Printers Hayashi Paper say the unusual print run was not a comment on the quality of the book but the ideal way of producing a "horror experience in the toilet" ... I've had a few of those.

Hopefully this scary loo roll book won't have you on the edge of your seat, otherwise it could get a bit messy.
Each roll will sell for 210 yen (that's about £1.50) when they go on sale on June 6.

Hayashi Paper   
Koji Suzuki    

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