No wash underwear hides stains, not odours

200x190.jpgA medical student has launched a range of 'no wash' underwear which he claims is ideal for wearing in hospital.

Rob Libfeld said he came up with the idea after noticing how many of his patients were embarrassed about the soiled condition of their underwear.

His ingenious solution was a pair of underwear that's yellow in the front and brown in the back, meaning stains don't show. There is however what he calls the "odor factor."

The 29-year-old inventor says "No Smell Underwear' is selling well and that the sweet smell of success is not far away. Rob, we don't think that is success, how long have you been wearing those boxers?
The £9 pants have been snapped up as amusing gifts, and unsurprisingly by a large number of college students who don't like doing their laundry.

"The idea came to me quite randomly while I was seeing patients in the hospital during my third year of medical school," said Rob.

"I realized how embarrassed many of my patients were about the soiled condition of their all-white underwear after long hospital stays and figured there had to be a solution."

No Wash Underwear     
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