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A video of a UFO flying over the M11 in broad daylight - near to where BBC journalist Mike Sewell says he saw one - has become an online hit.

Described by UFO expert Nick Pope as: "One of the most bizarre pieces of UFO footage I've seen in a long time," the video was shot near Stansted Airport in Essex.

The 34-second clip shows a series of bright lights zipping around the cloud-filled sky above the motorway at high speed before vanishing.

All the time the passengers in the car can be heard screaming as thy drive along… that's if you ignore the fact it sound's like it's beed dubbed afterwards and the UFOs look like they were added with a bit computer trickery.

275x250.jpgThe latest batch of UFO files have been released by the Ministry of Defence  - including a sighting in East Dulwich which led to a visit from 'Mork and Mindy'.

It was claimed that after seeing a 'worm-shaped' UFOs 'wriggling around in the sky' over East Dulwich in London in 2003 a woman was visited by an odd duo who came to her door.

The unnamed woman reported to police that the pair - identifying themselves as Mork and Mindy - had been dressed in space suits and dark glasses.

Other reports released today include UFOs spotted by the pilot and passengers of an aircraft over the Channel Islands in 2007 and F-16s scrambled to intercept UFOs over Belgium in 1990.

There are also reports of mysterious lights seen moving over the Pyramid Stage at the 2003 Glastonbury Festival… though even we could probably explain that one.

275x250.jpgA BBC sports reporter says he saw a disc shaped UFO circling above a field as he traveled to work early in the morning.

Mike Sewell was driving to Stansted Airport when he claims he saw the disc-shaped craft zipping over the Hertfordshire countryside at 4.15am.

Speaking on Radio Five Live, he said he was "gobsmacked" when he saw the odd flashing lights just a few hundred yards from the road.

"I saw this big bright light in the sky and what looked like an aircraft, descending towards the road and as it got closer it banked to the left," he said.

"As it banked to the left it went across the countryside, I could see underneath and it wasn't an aeroplane and it wasn't a helicopter. And it was much bigger than a helicopter. It was kind of… I dread saying this… disc-shaped.

275x250.jpg A Millennium Falcon style UFO has been discovered on the bottom of the ocean between Finland and Sweden… maybe… probably not.

But that's exactly what some people are claiming sonar images of a 60ft disc-shaped object, taken by ship-wreck hunters, reveal.

The bizarre discovery was made by a team from Ocean Explorer as they scanned the 300ft deep ocean floor for a sunken wreck containing several cases of expensive champagne.

Lead researcher Peter Lindberg says the round object could is surrounded by scars on the earth which could be where the craft landed and skidded along… slightly more sensibly he also suggests it could be an underwater Stonehenge.

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