Facebook to add baby and wedding filter option

275x250.jpgRecognising the fact that many people are bored by their friends continually talking about certain topics on Facebook, bosses will today introduce a 'baby and wedding filter'.

A recent survey of 10,000 Facebook users found that it was updates about newly born babies and upcoming weddings which most irked users and put them off logging in more.

As a result, engineers set about creating a system which automatically scans all status updates and uses an algorithm to identify the offending ones talking about babies and wedding.

While users previous had the option of blocking a user from appearing in on their page altogether, this option (which will appear in Account Settings) will only block those status updates relating to weddings or babies.

The option is due to go live at midday today. A later update to the baby and wedding filter will see Facebook automatically identify people who upload an image of their child as a profile images and instantly block them for you.
A spokesperson for Facebook said: "It became apparent that many users were getting annoyed by logging into Facebook only to see a page full of updates about babies making cute faces or wedding day dilemmas.

"While things like having a baby or getting married are big events for people, many find it hard to recognise that not all of their friends will be as bothered about whether little Johnny just rolled over or the style of seating covers as they are.

"However, at the same time these friends can be otherwise interesting people, so you may not want to block them entirely from appearing in your stream, just when they go on about certain things.

"As for people who upload a picture of their child as a profile picture, well there is no helping them."



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