Armed Notebooks: Not for taking notes at airports

275x250.jpg We'd advise you not to take these armed notepads to the airport, even if you do only want to use them to jot down your thoughts.

That's because the 3D weapons moulded onto the PVC covers are almost certain to irk security… and probably get you singled out for a rather thorough inspection.

Makers say the weapon-inspired notebooks - created by Taiwan based designer Megawing -  are: "Designed to remind us to turn violence into beautiful words and drawings with our creativity."

Personally we were expecting them to go with a dodgy "The pen is mightier than the sword… but what about the notebook" comment. But we're glad they didn't, so we could.
275x250.jpg Each of the notebooks has a unique page at the front with the grenade turing to reveal a one second sign, the knife has an silhouette of an man with an apple on his head and the revolver cover turns to reveal a target practice image.

A spokesperson for Mollaspace, who sell the notebooks for £13 each online, said: "The idea is to show violence converted to tools for peace.

"Our creativity and knowledge expressed through words and sketches are the best means to get our points across, not through force and/or violence."

They added that the notebooks are selling better than they expected when they were released three weeks ago. And no, so far they have not heard of anyone getting into trouble with someone thinking they are real.

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