Gummy bear chandelier made by artist

275x250.jpgA designer has started creating home decorations including a four foot tall chandelier... made from hundreds of gummy bear sweets.

YaYa Chou says her sweet designs are selling well online and people do not to be put off by the candy construction.

The items - which also include a bear-skin shaped rug - are made by threading the gummy bears together to make the desired shapes.

They are meant to explore the relationship between food consumption and class.

Yaya predicts that her designs will last for around 10 years before the sweets go off… like anyone is going to go that long without snacking on their chandelier.
275x250.jpgYaya said: "The bright colors and soft texture of children's snacks construct a romantic scenario which draws my attention to the dangerous ingredient behind them.

"By rearranging the embellished snacks in the forms of luxury commodity, I wish to pose the questions: Who consume these foods? Who has the choice to choose?"

YaYa Chou   
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