70% of Brits spy on their partner online

More than 70 percent of people spy on their partners online activity, many at least once a month, it has been found.

The worried spouses are not only spying on internet histories to see if adult websites have been viewed, but also monitoring each others social networking.

Common searches include monitoring Twitter conversations, looking to see if they are friends with ex-parters on Facebook and what comments they have left of friends photos.

The survey found that the internet has led to 54% of people being even more suspicious of their partners with those in the North East the most untrusting.

68 percent of Brits also admitted they would check their partner's private emails if they knew the password. Wow would that be boring for my wife ... unless she wants a fake Rolex or some mail order viagra?
Steffen Ruehl, of yasni which commissioned the study said: "There really is nowhere to hide on the web anymore; especially now that people are so active online, with social networking sites and forums. 

"People can post pictures or inappropriate comments that, when taken out of context, can lead to serious problems at home."

Regional results to show percentage of people who keep track of their partner’s online activity at least once a month;

1) North West – 64%
2) Scotland – 56%
3) West Midlands – 51%
4) South West – 42%
5) North East – 33%



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