Cajun squirrel crisps go on sale

Crisps which taste of a fried breakfast, chilli and chocolate, and even Cajun squirrel have gone on sale in the UK.

The bizarre flavours were each dreamt up by members of the public and are part of a competition by Walkers to find a unique new taste.

Others include; onion bhaji, fish and chips and crispy duck - each will now be available until May and crisp fans are encouraged to vote for their top one.

Chef Heston "Snail porridge" Blumenthal led a judging panel which picked the entries from over 1,000,000 suggestions.

Speaking of the Cajun squirrel crisps he said: "There is always one. No squirrels were harmed in the making of these crisps. This is one pack of crisps you do not want to miss."
Once the votes have been counted and Walkers know which flavour can make them a packet it will become a permanent fixture in the crisp-makers line-up.

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