Using text-speak helps kids learn to spell

275x250.jpgDespite using text-speak like LOL, plz and l8ter, children who are heavy mobile phone users are unlikely to be problem spellers and readers.

Research carried out on a sample of 8-12 year olds found that texting can even help pupils to spell betr better.

Experts from the University of Coventry claim text language word-play, such as cutting the end off a word, contractions and initialism - all show an understanding of English.

This means texting children are well equipped to learn correct spelling, contradicting previous thoughts.

One of the boffins involved int the study said: "omg Txt Spk Make Kidz Gr8 @ Spelling LOL"… or something like that.
Dr Clare Wood, said: "We began studying in this area initially to see if there was any evidence of association between text abbreviation use and literacy skills at all. 

"We were surprised to learn that not only was the association strong, but that textism use was actually driving the development of phonological awareness and reading skill in children. 

"Texting also appears to be a valuable form of contact with written English for many children, which enables them to practice reading and spelling on a daily basis."

Coventry University 
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