Daniel Scioli demonstrates his commitment and enthusiasm for Javier Milei’s government every time he can. It matters little that he was a candidate for president in 2015, when Cristina Kirchner chose him as her successor, or that until December of last year he was an official of the Frente de Todos government as ambassador to Brazil.

Scioli was a convert all his life: in the nineties he was a Menemist, then he painted himself as a Kirchnerist, he collaborated with Macri when he had to do so during the Cambiemos government and returned as if nothing had happened to be part of the government headed by Alberto, Cristina and Massa. In this new stage, as it could not be otherwise, Scioli is one of the first defenders of Milei and his ideas. In a Menemist revival, every time he can make it clear that he feels comfortable being part of the ruling party, he does so and takes the opportunity to shower Milei with praise.

This Thursday, during an interview with Pablo Rossi, he reached an almost unthinkable extreme. “If this continues like this, Milei will have to be given the Nobel Prize in Economics, I say it very clearly,” he said. “I’m listening to the Scioli of the nineties,” responded the journalist, who looked with surprise at the excessive praise from the Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sports of the Nation.

But Scioli did not stop there but redoubled the bet. He later went to Tomás Rebord’s program on Blender, where he confirmed the same thing he had said a while before. “Just on a colleague channel I said something that I know has a great impact and is going to have a great controversy. Because of what Milei has advanced in these five months, because of what he intends to do in terms of productive development, salary recovery and tax reduction, he is on his way to being the Nobel Prize in Economics. That’s what I think.” Furthermore, amidst laughter, Scioli spoke about his new slogan: “With faith and hope, freedom advances.”

Scioli’s conversion is not new, but it makes clear once again where the path leads to those who proposed in the past – and continue to propose – “confronting the right” with leaders built in their image and likeness in order to be able to dispute votes from undecided sectors. That strategy was the one that Cristina and Peronism chose in 2015, in 2019 and the one they repeated in 2023 with Massa as the head of the ticket. The current situation of these last three leaders speaks for itself about where those decisions led: Alberto Fernández living in Madrid, Massa working for a vulture fund like Greylock Capital and Daniel Scioli being a fervent Milei official and proudly nominating him for the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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