The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, considered this Thursday “gross” to hear “the supposed defenders of the unity of Spain”, in reference to PP and Vox, “longing for the process”. The head of the Executive has thus spoken about the position defended by the leadership of the Popular Party, in the hands of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, after the Catalan elections on Sunday in which the independence movement obtained its worst result since 1980.

During his speech at the event on European funds being held this Thursday in Madrid, Sánchez also mentioned the internal discrepancies that arose within the PP after those elections regarding the survival or not of the independence process. “The PP does not even agree with itself,” he ironically said, alluding to those internal clashes.

The head of the Executive has also warned of the collusion between PP and Vox. “The only thing they keep the same in Catalonia, Madrid and other territories is to copy the discourse of the extreme right,” he said, about the popular ones. But, in his opinion, precisely “what breaks societies is the surrender of the right to the extreme right.”

Regarding Catalonia, Sánchez has placed emphasis on the resounding victory of the PSC on 12M: “The victory of the Party of Catalan Socialists and in particular of Salvador Illa, in votes and seats, for the first time in history, I believe closes a decade of division and resentment in Catalan society and will undoubtedly open a new time of understanding and coexistence, collaboration and prosperity.” The President of the Government has spoken of “a new time” that, in his opinion, “will also be beneficial for the rest of Spain.”

After criticizing a “destructive” and “furious” opposition on the right, he made the following reflection: “Let me tell you that those of us who have defended from the beginning that overcoming past conflicts are done by betting on forgiveness and generosity, for coexistence and for the reunion between Catalans and between Catalans and the rest of our Spanish compatriots.”

During his speech, Sánchez boasted about the management of the economy which, he said, in Spain “is going like a rocket.” He has also said that “a good part of the excellent economic results is due to European funds.” “Spain not only fought that battle, for the first time in many years we fought that battle and won it,” he concluded. It was a matter, he added, of overcoming the “neoliberal recipe” applied in the 2008 crisis, with a new management that has allowed the growth of the economy and employment.

“Today, European funds represent a historic opportunity that Spain is taking advantage of to modernize our productive fabric,” he warned. He has also assured that his Government will defend the extension of European funds from 2026. And he has defended his management “model” that allows “improving the welfare state”, for example, by raising pensions, while growing economically. , as well as taking the environment into account.

“Spain today counts in Europe as it has not done in decades,” added Sánchez, to cite “references” such as Josep Borrell as High Commissioner, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Ribera, the PSOE candidate for the European elections on June 9.

Sánchez spoke these words in a new edition of the highly relevant event in the business and economic field “European Funds IV: innovation for sustainable growth”. In addition to the President of the Government, the day included the participation of the three vice presidents, María Jesús Montero, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera; and other members of the Government. He has also brought together leading experts in the field of economics and business representatives.

The objective is to analyze and debate the opportunities, challenges and changes that Spain faces on its path towards global leadership in the field of ecological transition and sustainability.

Complete intervention by Pedro Sánchez:


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