Welcome to Entender + L’Hospitalet, the ‘newsletter’ of EL PERIÓDICO L’Hospitalet with stories, keys, cultural plans and participation for our community in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

This newsletter wants to be a tool for the citizens of L’Hospitalet: a tour of three minutes for everything you need to know every week about the great Catalan city.

Through stories. Because we are interested in the current affairs of L’Hospitalet and we are going to tell you about it with all the details and the best formats.

Through keys. Because, through our hyperlocal journalism with a vocation for public service, we are going to decode reality to be useful to you in your daily life in L’Hospitalet.

Through cultural plans. Because we want to bring you the most interesting leisure and entertainment offers for the weekend.

Through the stake. Because, through Entre Todos, our participation section, we really want you to tell us about your city: everyday stories, first-person experiences, neighborhood complaints. Your vision interests us. Come here and tell us about L’Hospitalet.

Thank you so much. See you in your inbox every Thursday afternoon :).


Source: www.elperiodico.com

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