Vox will hold its candidacy presentation event for the European elections this Sunday in Madrid. He will do so surrounded by a large cast of global reaction, led by the Argentine president, Javier Milei, the Minister of Diaspora Affairs of Israel, Amichai Chikli, the far-right Italian president, Georgia Meloni, the leader of the French National Rally, Marine Le Pen or the far-right and leader of the Chilean Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, among others.

Against this collusion of world reaction, two rallies have been called, one on Saturday at noon in Callao and another on Sunday morning in Plaza de Colón. Thousands of people will show their rejection of a reactionary wave that is sweeping the world, and in particular Europe, supported by the war policies, support for Israel and shielding of borders carried out by governments of different stripes.

The open support for the genocide in Palestine and the ultraliberal model that the Milei government represents will be the axes of the event. Two issues that are closely linked. These are the most brutal and offensive examples of the policies of defending the interests of North American and European imperialism.

Support for Netanyahu and the State of Israel is support for the colonial regime that directly represents the interests of imperialism in the region. If to maintain that militarized branch it is necessary to wipe out an entire town, no problem. This has been done for 76 years without any itching. Vox is encouraged to openly support it.

Milei is the ruler who, along with Biden, has become Israel’s greatest ally and defender. But also the governments that, like the Spanish one, criticize its “excesses”, but are part of the financial, commercial, political and military support that allows this genocide to be carried out.

Vox’s support for Milei is not just ideological support. Defending Milei is also defending the interests of the Spanish multinationals that are part of the plundering of Argentina. The Spanish State is, after the US, the largest investing country in accumulated terms, with 15,321 million euros according to the Secretary of State for Commerce.

Today 130 Spanish multinationals operate, especially in such strategic sectors as gas and electricity supply or financial services. Some of the most benefited by the aggressive plan of cuts and deregulatory counter-reforms. Telefónica, Iberdrola, Naturgy, Santander, BBVA, Acerinox, Mapfre and Prosegur are some of the main companies.

In a forum recently held at the Casa de América, the chief economist of Banco Santander in Argentina, Juan Cerruti, acknowledged being more than satisfied with Milei’s economic measures: “At first, we wondered what would happen, but the first signs are positive “. In the same sense, Ana Valero, director of Telefónica Hispanoamérica, explained that “we have an optimistic vision about the changes in Argentina.” Both congratulated the elimination of “obsolete restrictions”, in reference to the privatization plan and labor counter-reforms underway.

No one can be surprised, therefore, that during Milei’s visit to Madrid, in addition to the event with her Vox colleagues, she has reserved an agenda this Saturday to meet with companies such as Santander, BBVA, Telefónica, Iberia, Mapfre, Indra or Day. All of them are very interested in meeting and caring for the best possible representative of their imperialist interests in the region.

As is not surprising, the warmth and attitude of respect offered by the Sánchez and Díaz government. Beyond the outburst of the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, calling into question the mental health of the Argentine president, the coalition government maintains cordial relations with the far-right government. Watching over the interests of the IBEX35 majors is part of the agenda shared with him, Vox and the Crown itself, the main ambassador of imperialist interests abroad.

The PSOE-Sumar government loses all its “progressive” veneer when it comes to foreign policy. Here the story operations do not hold. That is why relations and agreements with Israel or with Milei’s serial adjuster remain intact. For this same reason, when the coalition was with Unidas Podemos, Sánchez allied himself with the far-right Meloni to achieve, under his presidency of the EU Council, a tightening of immigration and asylum legislation.

This real right cannot be stopped by this fake left, which in the case of a country like the Spanish State, is as much a defender of national imperialist interests as the extreme right. We cannot stop them with the lesser evil. Because we cannot settle for the “least bad genocide possible”, the “least murderous possible” immigration laws or the “least starving possible” imperialist plunder.

Against the Milei, the Abascal, the Meloni or the Netanyahu, a huge international mobilization of the working class and youth must be raised. The camping movement that thousands of young people are carrying out around the world in solidarity with Gaza is an example of what the path is. To the demands against genocide, for a free Palestine from the river to the sea and against rearmament, we must strongly add the immigration laws below, the abolition of the foreign debt with which entire countries and peoples are subjected. and by the departure of Spanish, European and North American plundering multinationals from Latin America, Africa and Asia.

This weekend, in the streets of Madrid it must be heard very loud and clear that the extreme right is not welcome, that we will fight it with all our energy, it and its anti-worker and pro-imperialist agenda, whether they apply it and defend it, or they do so. make the false “progressivism”.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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