The construction project of the Rio Mamoré International Bridgeconnecting the Brazil (Guajará-Mirim) and the Bolivia (Guayaramerin), is about to leave the paper after more than 120 years. The bridge, which will be 1.2 km long, is part of the new Growth Acceleration Program (New PAC) and aims to strengthen integration in America On the as in China.

Economic strategy and regional integration

The Brazilian government highlighted that the main motivation for building the bridge is to strengthen integration in the South America. However, there is a strategic interest in expanding trade through Pacific Oceanaiming to expand economic relations with Asia.

History and previous agreements

The agreement to build the bridge was signed in 2007, during President Lula’s second term, but was never implemented.

The project was prepared by National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) in 2015 and updated in 2023. The idea for the bridge originates from the Treaty of Petrópolissigned in 1903, during the purchase of Acre for the Brazil.

The treaty provided for the construction of the railroad MadeiraMamore to facilitate the flow of Bolivian exports and the construction of the bridge is seen as a continuation of this commitment.

Construction of the bridge is scheduled to begin in 2025 and end in 2027with an initial cost estimated at R$300 million. However, the notice released by the DNIT estimates the overall value of the works at around R$430 million.

Currently, Brazil has 12 binational bridgeswith two under construction and another three in planning.

The best known is the International Friendship Bridgeon the border between the Brazil and the Paraguay. Beyond the bridge GuajaráLittle, the Brazilian government plans to build two more binational bridges, connecting Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay. Work on the other two bridges that will connect the country to Paraguay is also underway.


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