The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Hosein Amir Abdolahian, emphasized this Sunday, 12th, during the third Arab-Iranian Dialogue Conference, held in Tehran, the urgency of disarmament of the Israeli regime and the end of the occupation of Palestine as essential conditions for stability in Western Asia.

Abdolahian denounced that the Palestinian people have been deprived of their rights by the Zionist entity, highlighting the war waged by Tel Aviv against the Gaza Strip in the last seven months as proof of the reality of the Palestinian issue.

The Iranian minister condemned the formation of the Israeli regime based on the violation of Palestinian rights, the occupation and extremism, arguing that this compromises the possibility of peaceful coexistence with the nations of the region.

He also criticized the United States for its unconditional support for the crimes and genocide committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, highlighting the violation of American claims to defend peace, democracy and human rights.

Abdolahian highlighted the importance of holding a referendum as a political solution to the Palestinian issue and defended the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free region in West Asia as a crucial step towards achieving sustainable peace and stability.

Iran expressed its willingness to cooperate with regional countries and members of the Muslim and Arab world to realize the rights of the Palestinian people. The minister underlined Iran’s determination to promote understanding and convergence among countries in the region, citing the reestablishment of relations with Saudi Arabia as an example of this policy, and highlighted Iran’s interest in strengthening ties with other Persian Gulf states .

With information from HispanTV


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