Turkey farm lets you watch Christmas dinner

275x250.jpgA turkey farm has installed a live webcam to let customers watch their Christmas dinner running around the field.

Shoppers will be able to check their Christmas turkey is plumping up nicely before making it to their table, by tuning in online.

Farm, Park & Wild say their 'Turkey Cam' gives a unique insight into the (albeit short) lives of their 450 Norfolk Black and Norfolk Bronze turkeys.

The camera is live 24 hours a day and shows them running around the field and feeding and at night they are secured in a large barn.

Obviously the camera will get turned off shortly before Christmas - though your turkey could be the only one in the street to come with its own showreel DVD.
A spokesperson for the company said: "If you want to know exactly where your food comes from and care about how it’s treated here’s absolute proof.

"They love open shaded grassland and wooded areas and these are the only turkeys we supply this christmas."

Farm, Park & Wild  
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