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275x250.jpgPerformers at a pantomime in Leeds were determined the show must go on - despite only NINE people turning up to see it.

The heavy snowfall meant that few people had been able to get to The Carriageworks Theatre, for the performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In fact, because there were only four adult and five children, it meant that for some scenes the actors outnumbered the crowd.

But despite this, the actors carried on as though they were playing to the usual audience of around 350 people.

Are you impressed, we got through all of that without saying "There's no business like snow business." D'oh.

275x250.jpg Hackers have inserted a photo of Mr Bean onto Spain's official EU presidency website… because their Prime Minister looks like the slapstick character.

It has been a running joke for a number of years that Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero looks like the bumbling Rowan Atkinson creation.

But today users of Spain's official EU presidency website were confronted with an image of Mr Bean when they accessed a page which was meant to show Zapatero.

Between their laughs, Spanish officials confirmed the site had been hacked, but insisted that no information on the site had breached.

275x250.jpgA daredevil driver has set a new world record distance for jumping in a rally car, reaching a massive 269 feet.

Travis Pastrana drove flew his Subaru rally car from a ramp on a pier in Long Beach, California onto a a barge anchored in the harbour.

He had to reach exactly 91mph at the end of the ramp to make the jump which looked near perfect as he landed at the other side skidding his car sideways.

But completing the jump and missing the water didn't mean that Travis stayed dry… he celebrated by doing a backflip into the harbour.

275x250.jpgUK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally won something… unfortunately for him it's the title of the world's worst dressed man.

Brown has the dubious honour of topping a recent poll by GQ magazine to find the most unstylish man on the planet.

He even beat jump-suit-wearing North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, Peter Stringfellow and the entire BBC Match Of The Day team, to the title.

Describing the PM - who has the ability of making any suit look crumpled and uncomfortable -  GQ said he was "anything but a prime example of British Style."

It will come as a even bigger blow to Brown with rival David Cameron named as the eighth BEST dressed man … though he was still four placed behind the fictional character Fantastic Mr Fox.

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