Cry translator knows why your baby is crying

275x250.jpgBoffins have created a piece of software which can tell why a baby is crying - after listening to it for just five seconds.

But that's not all, that have now released it as an iPhone app meaning you can just hold your phone near the baby and find out whether it is hungry, tired, bored, stressed or angry.

Biloop Technologies in Barcelona say that in clinical tests their £5.99 'Cry Translator' app had a 96 percent accuracy level in correctly deciphering the meaning of a baby’s cry.

Maybe that other four percent were crying because their parents kept waving an iPhone over their head rather than giving them a teddy.
A spokesperson for the company said the app was designed to, "help parents and caregivers better understand what their infant is trying to communicate."

"When placed near a crying baby the device will, within 3-5 seconds, illuminate the LCD screen with one of the five distinct, emotional or physiological states of being.

"This instant confirmation of the infant’s emotional state allows the parent to respond appropriately and quickly to comfort the child. "

Biloop Technologies 
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