When digital and physical experiences come together, business ratios respond. That response, furthermore, is immediate. However, the transition towards adaptive retail It is not trivial, but It is a process in which practically all elements of the chain have to be redefined.from the backoffice and CRM systems, to the training of distributors.

We analyze how you are addressing this challenge FinetworkSpanish telecommunications operator, which has precisely established digital and physical point-of-sale experiences as its major strategic priorities for this year. “We want to be where our clients are and provide them with a personalized and quality experience.. Along with very competitive prices, customer experience will be our great differential value. In this context, “Distribution is a fundamental element of our company’s strategy,” confirms the CEO of Finetwork, Óscar Vilda..

According to a study carried out by IO Research for Finetwork, based on a sample of more than 2,000 people in Spain, 7 out of 10 consumers (67.91%) attaches great importance to your telephone operator having a physical store. In relation to physical establishments, according to this research, 49.6% of those surveyed would go there to buy a mobile phone and 45.11% to request information about the services offered. It should be noted that the only 10% of users declare that they would not go to a physical store to carry out procedures of any kind.

For Finetwork, the physical channel is key. On the one hand, the physical store gives us brand visibility, essential for a young company like ours. But, above all, “The retail channel favors that personalized experience that we want to offer,” highlights Vilda.. For his part, “The digital channel plays a nuclear role, assisting all the company’s sales channels, generating traffic to all of them.. For that reason “It is very important that the brand experience we provide through the different channels is coherent and consistent,” adds the CEO of Finetwork..

Sales channels

Currently, Finetwork has a network of almost a hundred exclusive points of sale, including stores and stands, under different distribution regimes. Added to these are non-exclusive points, within large chains such as The Phone House or MediaMarkt, where it shares space with other competitors. In parallel, as it could not be otherwise, Finetwork provides sales activity from its website and mobile app. Finally, this telecom has a strong telesales network.

All these sales channels have been reviewed in depth to ensure that the database is of the highest quality, that the usability of the digital tools is good, that all phases of the funnel (conversion funnel) are optimized, that the distributors have the resources they need… It is because of that Finetwork has opted for senior professionals for these tasks, and by 2024 it plans to continue incorporating talent. There has also been recent work to have a own device inventorywhich facilitates stock control, as well as providing distributors with market intelligence that allows them to be more productive and profitable.

For Finetwork, the physical channel is key to providing its user experience

Experience tells us that technology plays a fundamental role, because it allows us to measure and optimize each of the processes. However, for the customer experience to be the desired one, there is one element that we can never neglect: people,” says Vilda. Thus, “listening to area supervisors, distributors and telesales agents is essential.” On the other hand, it is not always a matter of implementing cutting-edge technologies. “There are areas where advanced data processing and AI technologies are very useful. For example, to perform predictive demand analysis. However, there are fields where simple and economical technologies can make a big difference, such as people counting systems for physical points of sale,” continues the CEO of Finetwork, who points out: “In all cases, in Finetwork believes that it is preferable to opt for technologies that guarantee interoperability, modularity and scalability in the future.”.

Opening plan

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This is just the beginning, since Finetwork’s strategic plan for the period 2023-2027, dubbed “DOUBLE”, plans to be around 200 exclusive points of sale by 2025. This will imply having a direct presence in all Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

All Finetwork exclusive points of sale will also have a completely renewed aesthetic and layout, “2.0”, in line with the latest retail trends, which will involve an investment of more than 7 million euros.

Source: www.epe.es

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