Javier Milei, Laura Richardson and Luis Petri

USA announced this Thursday, through the website of its embassy in Buenos Aires, the delivery of US$ 40 million to the government of Freedom Advancesas “non-refundable fund”, with the supposed objective of strengthening national security. In the official communication, reproduced by the ambassador Marc Stanleyit is stated that the contribution is due to the fact that Argentina is a “important partner” of North American power. Since 2003, the country has not received a justified million-dollar subsidy in that category.

“The FMF (Foreign Military Financing) is a security assistance allowance reserved for important partners. Allow it Argentina compre United States defense, training and services articles, through free assistance funds, and improve interoperability with US forces. This subsidy will favor the military modernization effort of Argentinacontributing to the Argentine purchase of supersonic fighter jets F-16“, explain it U.S. Embassy in his statement. The bold text in the text is ours.

As you know, Argentina will buy 24 units from Denmark F-16 planes that are already old and they are almost in disuse in the world, although official versions say that they are “modernized.” And since they are Yankee manufactured, the announced subsidy could serve to mercy and his defense minister Luis Petri pay part of the cost. A small part, that is to say, since it is estimated that the Argentine State will end up paying between US$300 million y US$600 million for that purchase with a Danish invoice.

For USA It’s all profit. “The purchase of the 24 F-16s Denmark aligns Argentina with a group of 26 nations and allies that operate the platform, increasing interoperability. The F-16 “They will allow Argentina to more effectively defend its territory and cooperate with regional partners to maintain peace and stability in America,” says the Embassy with its now historic demagoguery.

Indeed, since December 10 mercy and his cabinet come unconditionally aligning itself with the United States and with its strategic partner in the Middle East, the Zionist State of Israel (which today consummates an open genocide in Palestinian lands and threatens to unleash a bitter war with Iran and other countries in the region). An alignment that had among its most resonant chapters the reception with honors in Tierra del Fuego to the owner of the Southern Command of the US army, the general (for her there is inclusive language) Laura Richardson.

“The United States has a long and reliable relationship with Argentina in military acquisitions, training and professional education,” states the Embassy in its communication this Thursday and recalls that since 1998 “Argentina has been a Major Extra-NATO Ally.” Hence, “the Embassy and the US government are working closely with our Argentine partners to further strengthen Argentina’s security and the defense partnership between both countries under the banner of the program F-16”.

Although since Freedom Advances They affirm that there is still no news in this regard, it was also learned that the Argentine State could buy more military equipment from the United States in the not so distant future. These would be purchases that would reach a total of US$ 143 million. Among what was acquired there would be airplanes Basel BT-67 (including spare parts and maintenance technology), aircraft and ground handling equipment, publications and technical documentation, participation fees in the “Technical Coordination Program”, personnel training and logistical, technical and engineering support services, among others.

While this information arrives from the Yankee Embassy and from the Ministry of Defense that conducts the “top gun” I call Luis PetriArgentina remains mired in one of its deepest economic and social crises in history. The official idea that the country must expand its capacity to defend itself from external military attacks (something that has not been on the geopolitical radar at least since the Malvinas war of 1982) is one of the discursive pillars of the improvised and reckless foreign policy of libertarianism.

A policy that goes hand in hand with deepening hunger, poverty and destitution of millions of inhabitants at the hands of an adjusting and repressive government. For example, the “subsidy” you will receive Argentina by USA equals 234,000 minimum pensions of $171,000. I mean, there is money. The issue is what to do with it.

The night of Thursday, April 4 mercy y Petri they paid homage to Richardson already Stanley in Ushuaia. There the President gave such a sepoy speech which embarrassed more than one of those present at the Fuegian naval base. “The West is in danger by moving away from the ideas of freedom, the defense of life and private property,” he read. mercy while anticipating “a special relationship between both nations, which allows the tree of freedom to extend its roots to all corners of the planet, so that no citizen of the world is ever again subjected to the whims of dictators, autocracies, religious fanatics. or communism.”

As was already said here on that occasion, if for mercy The prototype of “freedom” is Yankee imperialism, it is perfectly understandable that for it they are not dictators Jorge Rafael Videla o Leopoldo Galtierimuch less religious fanatics like Benjamin Netanyahu and its racist and genocidal government. And the official satisfaction in receiving “subsidies” from the most warlike State in the world to strengthen the local Armed Forces is also understandable.

It is not possible to ignore, in this context, that the IMF regime started by Mauricio Macri in 2018, followed by Fernández-Massa and deepened now by mercyredouble the national submission to imperialism. There is no possible sovereignty without sovereign ignorance of the hypermillion-dollar debt with the FMI. Like the recent visit of the general Richardsonthe “gift” of US$ 40 million to buy warships is a symbol of the geopolitical aspirations of the “world gendarme”which now finds new vigor to step harder on our territory.

It is of the first order to unmask the local servants of imperialism, whether libertarians, macristas, radicals or Peronists. There is no other option if it is about defending our sovereignty, our common natural assets and our population.

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