The expected Mercedes-Benz G-Class has taken a transcendental turn in its history by presenting its electric version. Although it was initially known as ‘EQG’, Mercedes has finally chosen to call it ‘Mercedes G 580‘, in a significant change in the nomenclature of its electric vehicles. This new ‘zero emissions’ off-road vehicle It comes accompanied by a comprehensive update of the model, adapting and improving the variants with a thermal engine.

Mercedes-Benz G580

From the aesthetic point of viewthe new Mercedes G 580 preserves the off-road essence, but with a touch modern and distinctive. His grill front has been redesigned with a gloss black finish and a illuminated flangebut maintains the characteristics round headlights equipped with MultiBeam LED technology. These modifications not only provide a renewed style but also improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, achieving a resistance coefficient (cx) of 0.44, compared to 0.48 for the combustion engine version. In addition, it incorporates new 18-inch wheels with a gloss black finish.

$!Interior del Mercedes-Benz G580

Interior del Mercedes-Benz G580

$!Rear seats of the Mercedes-Benz G580

Rear seats of the Mercedes-Benz G580

As for the interiorthe G 580 offers a even greater sense of luxury and overall qualitymaintaining the standards of finish and comfort expected from a G-Class. The two 12.3-inch screens located on the dashboard for the instrumentation and the information and entertainment system, complemented by 11.3-inch screens in the backrest of the front seats for rear row passengers. In addition, the interior features distinctive details such as blue stitching and buttons and menus focused on the vehicle’s electrical mechanics.

A 4×4 with 4 engines

The true innovation of Mercedes G 580 lies in its advanced electrical mechanics. Equipped with four electric motors individuals that offer a total power of 580 hp and an impressive maximum torque of 1,164 Nmthis electric off-roader accelerates 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 180 km/h. All this performance is powered by a 116 kWh batterysimilar to that of EQS, which provides a electric autonomy of up to 473 kilometers.

$!Mercedes-Benz G580

Mercedes-Benz G580

The configuration of four motors, one for each wheel, enables new functions and capabilities that distinguish the G 580 from its internal combustion counterparts. Without a traditional gearbox, each motor has its own inverter and a reducing in a ratio of 2:1allowing speeds of up to 85 km/h and automatically activating the new Crawl Control intelligent when gear mode is selected. Furthermore, thanks to this configuration, the G 580 introduces two revolutionary functions called G-Turn y G-Steeringwhich allow the vehicle to literally turn on itself and shorten the turning radius, respectively.

$!Mercedes-Benz G580

Mercedes-Benz G580

Regarding its off-road capabilities, the Mercedes G 580 promises to maintain its adventurous spirit with a maximum wading depth of 850 mm, 100 mm more than its combustion version, in addition to extraordinary angles of attack, ventral and departure. And all this despite losing a few millimeters in ground clearance due to the position of the battery. By the way, With the battery the G 580 weighs up to 3 tons.

The electric version of the G-Class maintains the chassis side members and cross memberswith a rear rigid axle and the independent suspensions front.

When will the G 580 arrive and how much will it cost?

Although the official dates of launchthe Mercedes G 580 is expected to be available at end of 2024. The electric model will have a starting version called ‘Edition One’, which will have a precio initial of more than 190,000 euros for the German market.

$!Mercedes-Benz G580

Mercedes-Benz G580

As the German brand promises, the transition towards mobility electric has not compromised the qualities and capabilities of the iconic G-Class. Mercedes-Benz claims to fit the high-capacity, high-weight battery perfectly into the G 580’s stringer and crossmember chassis, maintaining its performance. off-road and improving its dimensions compared to internal combustion versions. With a range of 473 kilometers and a wading depth of 850 mm, the electric Mercedes G 580 is presented as a powerful, sustainable and revolutionary option in the off-road segment.


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