Within hours of the approval of the Base Law, the session of the Deliberative Council of La Matanza had a strong disagreement with the councilors of La Libertad Avanza regarding the approval of the law that harms millions of workers and the repressive operation orchestrated by Patricia Bullrich. From the Left Front bloc they presented a draft Resolution repudiating the brutal repression in the vicinity of Congress while the Senators were voting on the basic law, and the demand for the immediate freedom of the detained protesters.

The Frente de Todos bloc did the same, approving by a majority. Surprisingly, Juntos councilors, who recently formed a new bloc, accompanied with their vote, with harsh criticism of the councilors who respond to Bullrich, Finocchiaro and Ritondo, who serve as spokespersons for the national government of Javier Milei.

The statement is important, since the national government said that in front of Congress there were “terrorists” who wanted a “coup d’état.” And while the session was taking place, the news arrived that prosecutor Stornelli requested preventive detention for dozens of protesters. A serious attack on the constitutional right to protest.

What the different political blocs said

The libertarian councilors carried signs “BASES LAW APPROVED” and contradictorily Argentine flags celebrating “Milei’s achievement.” “You are going to see that you are going to end up thanking this law. Javier Milei is not compared to any previous president. They speak against the RIGI, what is the problem? “Businessmen do not make money at the expense of workers, they act as equals.” said the councilor of La Libertad Avanza.

From the Unión por la Patria bloc they recognized the vote in favor of the Bases Law by those who entered the Chamber on Peronist ballots. Edgardo Kueider, whom Javier Milei benefited from an emergency decree that gives control of Salto Grande to the province of Entre Ríos in exchange for his support. And Carlos “Camau” Espínola from Corrientes, senator since 2015, and in 2021 also renewed his seat as candidate number 1 of the Frente de Todos, was the last Sports Secretary of Cristina Kirchner, between 2014 and 2015. The senator was also mentioned Lucila Crexell, denounced for the crime of “bribery”, will change a position as Argentine representative at UNESCO due to her vote in favor of the Bases Law in the Senate.

But it is not about “bad apples”, what they failed to say is that the vote took place within the framework of Milei’s important political weakness, with a growing anger from broad sectors over the high cost of living, advance of unemployment, turbulence of the dollar, and the Ministry of Human Capital stained by the complaints, which is why it was important to go all out to make it a much more massive mobilization and from the union centers that they direct, it was important to carry out a national strike. But it didn’t happen.

Natalia Hernandez, Councilor of the PTS Left Front, said: “We will call the basic law the “law of bribes and repression”. It is a historic law from the point of view of the regression of the rights of workers and the popular sectors and of national delivery. The repression that occurred has an explanation, It is a political message, to show that bulletproof and tear gas-proof they are going to pass a law that they can only approve with the collaboration of the rest of the blocks.”

During the day of Wednesday, June 12, all the media showed how, between scandals, repression and perks, the Government made just enough progress with a shortened Base Law and suffered setbacks in key points of the fiscal package. While the union centers once again put on a show of struggle, some reached the vicinity of Congress Square, but refused to call for a measure of forceful force. The enormous weakness of the government that negotiated until the last moment to achieve a quorum and the fine print of the project to be able to gather the necessary votes could not be hidden. The different wings of the union bureaucracy did him an important favor by weakening the fight against the Base Law.

The left was the only political force that has been raising the need for a strike and plan the day the Law is discussed in the Senate. However, many unions, including Suteba, which put twenty thousand obstacles so that teachers could not mobilize, there were workers who could not mobilize and were angry in their workplaces. The same ones who closed their flags after 3 in the afternoon, which gave way to brutal repression and Patricia Bullrich’s rogue operation.

The left was from the first day in the front row of the fight against this Javier Milei plan in favor of the great economic power, and participates in each fight together with the neighborhood assemblies and in the places of work and study. These accumulated months of struggle and the great activity of agitation together with our deputies to expose and denounce the plan of political and economic power are also a support point to redouble the fight.

As Natalia Hernández pointed out: “That’s why we have to go for everything, we have to redouble the bet, Milei is stained with the Pettovello scandal and although he achieved a basic law, we can face the entire adjustment plan. You have to take the best conclusions to show all of Milei’s plans. And that is with struggle, it is with strikes, it is with the methods of the working class.”

Left Front projects approved

In the same session, projects that we presented from the Left Front were approved, to support the workers of Télam, in defense of public education and university financing. For the second consecutive year, the declaration in support of the “Youth and Memory” program, presented together with teachers from the district, becomes important when it is a State policy of the national government to ignore the genocide in our country. In La Matanza there are 5,000 adolescents participating in the project this year, and in the province of Buenos Aires 52,000 young people. Let us remember that they closed the Hotel 1ro de Marzo, in Chapadmalal, where the students stayed every year. Given this, the current Secretary of Tourism, Daniel Scioli (who was a candidate for president for Peronism in 2015) does not respond to the request for the teachers, who remain on alert. This is why the support of the Deliberative Council becomes relevant.

The women organized in the Network for Precoz Puberty in Argentina were also present because in the session a Municipal Ordinance of adherence to the National Law Program for Prevention, Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment of Precoz Puberty, which they developed together with Councilor Hernandez, was voted. Early detection of this pathology is essential to optimize the benefits of treatment and stop the anticipated progress in height and sexual development. It is the mothers who organized to demand the health of their children, and managed to get a vote in Congress in September 2023, demand immediate regulation, and denounce the Borrowers who refuse, or put obstacles in the way of covering the treatment. medical, and that the State responds for those who do not have social work, and not violate the right to health of thousands of children. Today La Matanza is the first municipality to adhere to the National Law.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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