A thousand kilometers from Luna Park, reality takes on other contours. Teachers and health workers walk the streets and missionary routes protesting against the miserable salaries to which they are condemned by a provincial administration that yesterday allied itself with Sergio Massa and today supports Javier Milei. In the background, the echo of the police mutiny sounds.

Yesterday Wednesday, the images of Provincial Ministry of Health They toured the country. Defying prohibitions, workers in the sector began a stay that they still maintain. The decision, made in an assembly, illustrated the desire to fight; the need to move forward to achieve a solution to their demands. Teachers and university students also joined the street protests. The provincial revolt grows in extent and intensity.

The growing social and economic crisis emerges from every pore of society. Poverty and unemployment become the main concern among the population. The decline in inflation occurs at the cost of the collapse of the living conditions of the working majorities. Consumption and production data illustrate the decline.

The problems of libertarian administration do not only lie there. He economic scheme – described as “fantastic” by the president and Luis Caputo – begins to leak from all sides. He rise of the blue dollar It exposes the shortcomings of a monetary and fiscal scheme that is accumulating tensions and is beginning to be questioned by large portions of the economic establishment. In a recessive sea, tensions between the Government and different capitalist fractions rise and take on a public status. While laying off and making workers precarious, part of the large business community demands guarantees for their profits.

The world, that idyllic scenario that Milei usually presents, does not come to the aid of the “libertarian experiment.” Big capital demands more certainty than what Mileist management offers. The IMF asks for political consensus that the bosses’ opposition uses for its own purposes. The negotiations in the Senate for the Bases Law mutate endlessly. bogged down, The ruling party recognizes its parliamentary weakness. The May Pact is the outdated dream of a March morning.

The liberal-libertarian adjustment stands on the aval -explicit or tacit- of the bosses’ opposition. Of the collaborationist blocks that in Deputies gave their vote for the half-sanction of the Bases Law. Of the factions of Peronism that offered their endorsement -total or partial- to the norm. Of the tired walk of the majority of the CGT, which continues to “unsaddle until it clarifies”, demanding a dialogue from which nothing good will come of the working class. From the moderate position of opposition Peronism, which strongly denounces but avoids the path of any serious fight.

He The country is already moving against the Menemist circus set up this Wednesday at Luna Park. Misiones comes as a continuation of two national strikes, three massive mobilizations and dozens of resistance struggles that are beginning to populate the national map. This course of resistance will inevitably deepen. Only official self-deception can convert 56% of the runoff into eternal and uncritical support.

With shows or without them, The economic and social model only offers more misery, unemployment and decadence. The urgency of a forceful fight is imposed that advances until the entire adjustment plan is swept away. It is necessary to fight and prepare the conditions for the general strikemethod with which the working class can paralyze the country until liquidate the war plan designed by Milei, the IMF and big capital.

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