Alejandrina Barry, a Buenos Aires legislator for the PTS in the FITU, was on Friday afternoon on Crónica TV. There she gave her vision of the current situation in the framework of Alberto Fernández’s resignation for re-election.

“What was demonstrated by this is the failure of the Frente de Todos group that promised to call the fridge and we have a country where more than a million children have to skip a meal once a day. A government that as a whole made the rich richer and the workers poorer. And above all, what he did was consolidate the Macrista heritage, ”he explained.

However, he expressed that “beyond the names, what must be discussed in depth is the country model because everyone has already governed to govern. Macrismo ruled and plunged us into poverty, Miley’s ultra-reactionary ideas ruled through Cavallo, the Frente de Todos led us to a social catastrophe. It is necessary to discuss the central problems that the population is going through. What are we going to do with energy, with poverty, with work?

Faced with this, he indicated the solution proposed by the left: “We clearly state that the problem is that the country must be reorganized from the bottom up, discuss elementary emergency measures such as raising wages on the same basis as inflation, distributing working hours. And, above all, there is a central discussion that has to do with the unions because if it has been possible to make so much progress in the loss of the purchasing power of the macrismo salary until the Frente de Todos, it was because the unions have been totally complicit.

“We must demand that the unions break this truce to impose emergency measures for the working class,” he said.

Regarding the excuse that some use to break away from the current government, he was blunt: “When there is a failure, everyone begins to say ‘this government is not Peronist.’ With Menen they did the same. No one can deny that this is a Peronist government. But what seems important to me to highlight is that all the wings of the Frente de Todos have endorsed this policy of adjustment with the international monetary fund to pay a fraudulent debt that the Macri government contracted to finance its electoral campaign.

Finally, he expressed himself about the electoral race, indicating that today there is a thread discussion that is far from the need of the popular majority: “What is happening in this country is that the kids are starving. Before becoming a legislator, I worked for 20 years as a social worker in Villa 21-24 and today people’s concern is how to eat. So, you have the Frente de Todos government, which is a failure, and the right-wing opposition, which is, as a whole, a party of adjustment.”


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