The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appeared this Thursday together with his Ukrainian counterpart during his visit to the country on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. Sánchez has personally conveyed to Volodímir Zelenski Spanish support for the Ukrainian people, whose determination he has praised to stop Vladimir Putin’s expansionist plans. “We demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine,” said Sánchez before recalling the government’s involvement with the invaded country.

Getting ahead in Bucha a year after the Russian occupation: “I try to forget, but I can’t”


“We are already training Ukrainian soldiers to handle our Leopard tanks correctly,” he explained, referring to the six vehicles that Spain has confirmed that it will provide. And he has advanced that, if necessary, this help could be extended to new shipments. “In the future we could send more Leopard tanks if necessary,” said Sánchez, even specifying that this shipment could amount to up to ten tanks.

The leader of the Spanish Executive also wanted to underline that, in view of the rotating presidency of the European Union that our country will hold in the second half of the year, “Spain is ready to support the process of legitimate aspirations to be a member of the Union” that Kiev intends to initiate. “In this sense, we welcome all the reforms of the Ukrainian government,” he added before expressly addressing Zelensky: “You are not alone in this war, we will be together as long as necessary.”

Sánchez recalled that the duty of the international community is “to defend a people that is being attacked, and there can be no equidistance with the aggressor”, he remarked. “If we look back at our own history, how important it would have been in very difficult times to have had international solidarity, which we did not. We were a country forgotten by that international community and we have not forgotten the situation that we experienced in the last century”, he expressed in reference to the lack of help from the majority of international powers during the bombings by Nazi Germany and Italy. fascist in support of the Francoist side in the Civil War after the uprising against republican democracy. “That is why we are a country committed to defending rights and freedoms that are also ours”, he concluded.

Zelensky’s thanks

Together with Pedro Sánchez, Volodímir Zelenski has insistently thanked the Spanish involvement in helping Ukraine. “We are feeling the solidarity of Spain since the first days of the war with the military, political, energy and humanitarian support with so many displaced people”, he stated after specifically highlighting the shipment of anti-missile material. “I want you to know that the air defense systems that Spain gave us are helping to save the lives of Ukrainians from the terror of Russian missiles.”

He also wanted to thank Zelenski for the announcement of the dispatch of combat tanks. “They will give us the chance to protect Ukrainian cities more efficiently against Russian attacks and restore freedom to the occupied territories”, he stated before highlighting the visit of Pedro Sánchez. “I am very grateful, Pedro, that you have found time to visit the cities that were under Russian occupation. It is very important that the leaders who come to Ukraine see with their own eyes what the terrible Russian occupation leaves behind.”

The visit of the President of the Government to Ukraine takes place at the invitation of President Volodímir Zelenski, coinciding with the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. During his trip, Pedro Sánchez has visited the city of Bucha and the neighborhood of Irpin, near kyiv. Subsequently, he has participated in a floral offering to the fallen in the war before meeting alone with President Zelensky.

After the meeting of both leaders and the joint appearance, Zelenski has walked with the Spanish president the one known as Paseo de los Valientes where the Ukrainian leader has shown Pedro Sánchez the plaque that recalls his previous visit to Ukraine on April 21, 2022 Subsequently, Sánchez has also gone to the Ukrainian Parliament to meet with its president and will deliver a speech before the plenary.


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