Former US President Donald Trump. Photo: reproduction

The US Department of Justice has confirmed that former President Donald Trump has become a defendant in a criminal case for allegedly taking confidential documents from the White House. The agency made public the 37 charges against him.

Trump became a defendant on Thursday (8) in the lawsuit that accuses him, mainly, of having taken confidential US government documents to his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida when he left the US presidency in 2021.

He is investigated for unauthorized retention of national security documents; conspiracy; obstruction of justice; false witness; mishandling of official documents; and contempt of court.

Boxes with presidential documents in the bathroom of Trump’s mansion in Mar A Lago. reproduction

The documents, released on Friday (9), by the Department of Justice say that Trump shared with third parties a secret map related to a US military operation.

After the accusations were revealed, the former president’s defense lawyers announced that they had resigned.

Trump is due to appear for the first time in the case in a Miami courthouse on Tuesday.

Investigators seized about 13,000 documents from the former president’s estate from Mar-a-Lago nearly a year ago. One hundred of those materials were marked as classified, although one of Trump’s lawyers previously said that all records with classified marks had been returned to the White House.

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