At the same time, Digital technologies can help reduce global emissions by 15% to 35% over the next 10 yearsaccording to the World Economic Forum, thanks to its ability to accelerate the decarbonization of other sectors of the economy, such as transport, industry or energy.

To do this, it is necessary to continue increasing the capacity of the network. In this sense, The operators that build the networks demand that the big technology companies pay for their use, so that ‘telecos’ can invest not only in increasing highways for the consumption of their services, but also to have the capacity to reduce emissions from other activities. The payment for occupying the network would also work as an incentive to improve the efficiency in it design of the services they provide, reducing both their own energy consumption and CO emissions2like that of the operators.

However, the technology giants refuse to do so. For Metaowner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, there is a “symbiotic relationship between ‘telecos’ and application providers.” According to Googlepaying a toll for the use of networks would affect the diversity of online content and its access, while at the same time it would represent a barrier for content creators.


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