This Saturday the Plenary Table of Combative Unionism met, agreeing by a large majority on this text so that we can jointly convene the meeting on 17/1 with all those who agree (the CSC-Po colleagues stated that they are going to consult with their organizations). .

Everyone to the national strike of the CGT on 1/24 against the DNU, the repressive protocol, the Milei omnibus law and the IMF, for increased salaries, retirements and social plans, against layoffs.

Let’s mobilize Congress and throughout the country, independently of the bureaucracy to demand a Fight Plan to defeat Milei’s chainsaw plan

Milei is governing for big business, multinationals and the IMF. There is no measure in favor of working people.
He devalued the currency, freed prices, generating brutal inflation, and wants to govern with dictatorial decrees and full powers. An anti-worker, anti-popular, illegal and unconstitutional policy of looting and repression, further attacking low salaries and pensions and social plans, increasing hunger and misery. We repudiate Bullrich’s repressive protocol and the statements of Esper and other officials, which threaten the physical integrity of the left-wing, picketing, union and social leaders who reject the adjustment, in addition to persecuting and requesting arrests of fighters.

The “freedom” that Milei preaches is only valid for big businessmen to continue increasing prices. Fuel prices rose 100% in one month. December inflation will be 30%. There are high rates for transportation, electricity and gas, the rents are unpayable. And a new devaluation is already discounted.

The DNU and the omnibus law facilitate dismissals, restrict the right to strike, attack labor, union, social rights, public health and education, the achievements achieved with the struggle of the women’s movement such as the right to abortion. They want to advance the plundering of natural resources and the destruction of the environment. They seek to privatize YPF, Banco Nación, the railways, and advance massive layoffs, especially among state workers.

The workers and the people do not stay still and thousands of us have already gone out to fight against the adjustment. The leaders of the CGT had to call a general strike for January 24 with mobilization in Congress, pressured by the anger and after the marches on December 20 to Plaza de Mayo, which we called for combative unionism, the piquetero movement, organizations social, human rights, women, environmentalists and the left. Then the cacerolazos, where tens of thousands of neighbors took to the streets ignoring Bullrich’s repressive protocol. And also when tens of thousands marched to the Palace of Justice with the CGT under the cry of “general strike” and “set the date.”

Because of this fight, a court suspended the effects of Milei’s DNU labor reform. This shows that through struggle they can roll back their disastrous policies. But these judicial measures are partial and temporary; They open the way to negotiation with the bureaucracy, so that the bulk of the adjustment passes. Cavalieri, from Commerce, led the way in delivering the compensation. The definitive defeat of this chainsaw plan of Milei and the IMF requires redoubling mobilization and a unified plan of struggle.
That is why we have to take unemployment into our hands. Starting from promoting assemblies in the workplace and plenary sessions of delegates who organize it. The unity of the occupied and unemployed labor movement, the pots and other sectors in struggle, can defeat this war plan against the workers.

On the 24th we will be thousands in front of Congress. To organize the common independent combative column in Congress on 1/24, with the union, social, picketing, environmental, cultural, feminist and leftist organizations with which we marched together on December 20 and 27, we invite you to meet together to all the sectors that are in struggle, the assemblies that are being set up in each neighborhood and areas, that coincide with this proposal and that want to join, on January 17 at 5 p.m. at the Ademys CABA headquarters.


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