The block of deputies of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda demands the immediate release of Nahuel Morandini and Roque Villegas detained for publishing a tweet and sharing a flyer. Prosecutor Walter Rondón requested preventive detention for 60 days and the judge, Roberto Aseff, granted it.

The statement from the PTS-FIT bloc of deputies regarding the arrests states:

This is an absolutely dictatorial decision by a prosecutor who operates permanently as ordered by the former governor, Gerardo Morales. In this case, the detainees published information on social networks that alluded to rumors about the family life of the former Governor. Something that went viral in the province days ago. Therefore, according to the prosecutor’s criteria, he should arrest practically all of the Jujeños.

This judicial action is a very serious fact because it violates the right to freedom of expression and confirms police espionage on the networks. Both detainees were part of the working people who demonstrated against the Reform of the provincial Constitution.

It is not surprising that this happens in a province where there are political prisoners, permanent cases against the opponents and those of us who were part of the fight against the Reform. However, this kind of dictatorship that continues despite the fact that the former Governor is no longer in the Government House must end.

We ask all the parliamentarians who make up the Legislature of Jujuy to support this request for freedom. We call on trade union, human rights, social and political organizations to redouble this request for freedom.

PTS-FIT Deputies: Gastón Remy, Natalia Morales, Miguel López.


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