Child found in the Colombian jungle. Photo: reproduction

The first words spoken by indigenous children, who were missing after a plane crash in Colombia, were to report the death of their mother. The children were found 5 km from the accident site, last Friday (9).

Nicolás Ordóñez Gomes, one of the rescuers on the search team, said Lesly, 13, said he was hungry. The girl was responsible for taking care of her brothers during this period and helping them survive in the jungle.

“The eldest daughter, Lesly, with the little one in her arms, ran up to me and said: ‘I’m hungry,’” said the rescuer in an interview with Colombian TV. “We went to see the boy and he was lying down. He got up and said, very consciously, ‘My mom died’”.

The pilot and an indigenous leader, who were on the plane with the children, died shortly after the accident. The children’s mother would have stayed four days alive.

The woman would have told her eldest daughter to go with her three brothers, who they had for their father and who knew the love he has for them.

“The only thing she [Lesly] clarified is that his mother was alive for four days. So, before dying, maybe the mother told them: go away, you’re going to find your father”, said the children’s father.

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