“In different media, Governor Morales came out to attack us as conventionalists,” said Vilca, remarking that “he questions us because we are fulfilling the mandate for which we were voted to be here. We assumed our posts with the conviction of showing every day that it lasted and in every possible way, that in this Convention a new pact was being cooked up behind the backs of the people. A convention full of irregularities, with the sole purpose of attacking democratic rights and freedoms”.

“Morales says that the rejection that is expressed in the streets is only from the left. It is false”, remarked the PTS/FITU referent and warned that “they do not want to see that it is the people of Jujuy who stand up. And we are part of that town that is beginning to tell them enough is enough. It is the teachers, the municipal teachers, the health workers, the indigenous peoples, the social organizations and many more who say ‘up wages, down with the reform’”. “It bothers them that the left rejects this Constituent Assembly, but here there is no discussion of increasing the salary so that the cost of the family basket can be covered, ending precariousness, guaranteeing genuine work, a ceiling, or ending tariffs and nationalize Ejesa, or that lithium be placed under the control of the workers and the original communities. On the contrary, what is being discussed here is to take away more rights from the people, as they tried to do by wanting to prohibit the right to protest, seeking to attack the right to vote and seize the sum of public power. And that’s how they call themselves Republicans,” he said.

Finally, Vilca expressed that “if they had to go back on some points it was because of the public rejection and the mobilizations. And if they insist on going against the right to social protest, it is because they fear that the people will take to the streets against the adjustment measures that they are going to try to apply tomorrow. We are consistent: we are always on the same side, together with the workers. You, between Peronists and radicals, are supporting a decadent regime and you are going to approve this reactionary reform together. We are not going to be part of this farce that conspires against working people. We are not resigning so that a substitute can take over, we are leaving to accompany the mobilization in the streets, together with the workers and the people who demand the reform below, wages above”.

The text presented by the national deputy and constituent convention is attached, to be attached to the minutes of the session.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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